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It's gotten a lot easier to build your own blog or WordPress website.  It use to be you had to have an indepth knowledge of CSS and Html plus some Javascript.  Now it still helps to understand those basics but with the event of efficient themes, great page builders and a little elbow grease, many non-designers and non-coders can have a beautiful basic website or blog.  You still need some good knowledge so get the WordPress website design tips. Check out the articles below.

Designed Bliss is about making it easier for non-designers or free-lancers to use free/low cost graphic design tools to get the job done easier and faster.  See how and skip hours trying to figure out how to edit your images or brand your graphics.  

Stop searching and start doing.

WordPress Website Design

Practical WordPress website design tips. Useful for non-designers or freelancers.  

Sometimes you're just looking for graphic design tools, tips and techniques to get the job done or how to guides so you don't have to search for hours.  Need those? Just subscribe.

Wordpress Web Design

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