Why I Started Designed Bliss

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Why I Started Designed BlissLet me tell you why I started Designed Bliss.  After 20+ years in the corporate IT world, I decided to be my own boss. At first, I listened to all the online guru’s out there but eventually, I just dug in and started creating my content.  I built Designed Bliss after searching for, testing and selecting tools, services, and resources needed for my sites.

While I was working on my blog, a friend kept telling me to explain how I did all that “computer stuff” as she put it.   The more I thought about her comments the more I realized how time-consuming it can be to find the right editors, resources and techniques when there’s so much information out there.  Some days it’s like information overload.  The knowledge is there but it seems to take forever to find what you’re looking for.

Why I Started Designed Bliss

Designed Bliss is about creating visual content for your blog, your social media, your business, or any digital or printed project you have. But its more than that.

It’s about using “editing tools, resources and techniques” that build digital and visual content to market you, your ideas, products and services. But it’s also about how that visual can be be presented. You’re image might be better in a banner then in a social media post. Or it might be that an infographic would work better for your message than a regular illustration. So knowing how to make it and what to make is the combination that creates great visual content that represents you and your business.

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In our very digital world using great visuals is a no brainer way to catch the attention of the audience you’re looking to engage with. Good graphics, images, icons and illustrations are just the starting point to great digital and visual content.; but you may need to add, edit or modify those to create something that uniquely represents what you and your business is all about.

Maybe, you’re trying to create a graphic or some kind of visual content for a blog, social media, or printed purpose but you can’t find out how to do that “thing” you need to do.  You really just want to skip searching and just get it done.

Why I Started Designed Bliss

Since I am fascinated with technology, I spend hours tinkering with the latest and greatest.  That’s my thing; I’ve always been that way.  Searching for cool and useful ways to create what I need.

Finding what you need shouldn’t become a headache. My desire to build and create, not necessarily from scratch but from what I find are great starting resources led to creating Designed Bliss. Because not everyone can draw; not everyone is a professional photographer, but everyone should be able to edit and modify most of what they need.

I believe we have amazing digital resources at our fingertips and can create awesome visual content to reach that perfect audience with some good techniques and a little help.

If you find that you’re limited by the way you can make your site look, how responsive you’re social media content is, or if the cost of having someone else make your visual content is adding up too fast then, come on back and take a look at what I can offer.


I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to be an artist to have attractive visual content for your digital and printed needs.

There’s a lot of ways to make great visual content and in this digital world where attention spans are a couple of seconds (probably less) getting noticed online is more challenging than it use to be.

The tips and techniques I’ve learned that can make it easier for you to promote your content.  Because its great content and creative ways to engage readers that gets you connected with them.

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Why I Started Designed Bliss

Why I Started Designed Bliss

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