Why GIMP Is A Great Tool For Digital Scrapbooking

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Why GIMP Is A Great Tool For Digital ScrapbookingDigital scrapbooking continues to change  and evolve; it’s fun and with all the online resources digital scrapbooking is free if you know where to go.  Online and downloadable editing software makes digital scrapbooking easier than ever to create amazing digital and printable items. With an estimated 62.5 million crafters in the US, digital scrapbooking is available to those who love sharing and organizing their favorite images and photos but digital scrapbooking is more than a portfolio of images or simple planners.   So finding a digital scrapbooking tool like GIMP is handy to have. Using 2d images, illustrations and vectors, digital scrapbooking has evolved into an art form of combining and editing all types of graphic elements into a finished product.  Scrapbooking projects create stationary, planners, greeting cards, invitations, decor, gift wrap, party favours, calendars, and even stunning cricut projects.   The list is endless and limited to an individual’s interests and creativity.  There are many resources for images and graphics needed for a digital scrapbooking project;  one of the best ways to obtain unique graphics for scrapbooking is to create graphics using online editors or free downloadable software.  That’s exactly why digital scrapbooking with GIMP is appealing.

GIMP vs Online Editing

In several articles, I’ve covered the basics of great online editors like Canva or Picmonkey to name a few, but downloadable software like GIMP can produce amazing, professional results that are scalable to any size needed.   What’s the difference between say downloadable software like GIMP vs the online editors like Canva or Picmonkey?  Most online editors create and edit images in either jpg or png format up to a certain size (think pixels).   So depending on your screen resolution, roughly 4000pixels (about the max for most online editors except Adobe’s CC) . However, should you decide you want to create projects larger in size you’ll want to go the route of Adobe (paid), Inkscape or GIMP (free).

Why GIMP Is A Great Tool For Digital Scrapbooking

But that’s just one reason GIMP is useful, there are other reasons that GIMP might be a digital scrapbooking tool to have in your back pocket.   Let me cover 5 other reasons to think about using GIMP for your digital scrapbooking needs.

Digital Scrapbooking Elements Are Easy With GIMP

What graphic elements are useful for digital scrapbooking projects?  Well, digital scrapbook paper is one for sure.  Used in 12×12 usually in jpg or png format, you can easily create your own digital scrapbook paper backgrounds by finding free images and modifying them in GIMP.

Other digital elements can include clipart, doodles, ribbons, bows, flowers, icons, wordart or alphabets in different fonts, lines, shapes and templates.

Why GIMP Is A Great Tool For Digital Scrapbooking

Some online editors will provide the basic elements of shapes, fonts, lines and limited selection of clipart.  Downloadable software like GIMP Or Inkscape doesn’t do that but you can easily create or find those elements and upload them into your digital scrapbooking project in GIMP.  The ability to scale to any size is what makes an editor like GIMP so useful.  Another powerful feature is the ability to create new objects using special effects.

Reason #1 – File format for digital scrapbooking is easy with GIMP

GIMP can import many different file formats with no sweat.  While  GIMP saves as an XCF file by default, it also easily imports or exports created graphics, collages or whatever it is being created in a variety of formats.  That can range from the standard png/jpg to pdf, ps, eps, tiff, gif, bmp and many more.  About the only format I’ve found that GIMP doesn’t work with well is svg. (I use Inkscape for those files).

Reason #2 – Removing backgrounds for digital scrapbooking

GIMP removes backgrounds in an image easily.  Especially if the image is complex, GIMP can be used to remove the background using layers and thresholds to separate out image detail. It’s actually easier to use GIMP to remove backgrounds in some cases then with say with Pixler Editor (another favorite tool of mine).

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Reason #3 – Changing image colors for digital scrapbooking is a breeze.

GIMP changes image colors in a snap.  I love this feature because it is so easy and quick to use.  Simply select the area of the image to be re-colored, choose Color> Colorize from the menu and click in the box showing the default color to change to whatever final color is desired.  Hit enter and you’re done.  It’s really straightforward.

Reason #4 – Resize objects for digital scrapbooking in seconds.

GIMP resizes image objects; it’s a piece of cake.  Open an image, go to Image>Scale Image and enter the new X and Y dimensions.  The resolution can even be changed here which is super useful as not all online editors have resolution capabilities.  I use a Mac and so I can always use Preview for resolution modifications but for Window users this is a nice perk to have.

Reason #5 – The best reason to use GIMP for digital scrapbooking!

GIMP is free and can be used on Windows, Linux or Mac.   GIMP is one a few Free tools that can do this;  yes, online editors work with all of the different operating systems but not all online editors have the full features the GIMP offers.

GIMP is a great tool for digital scrapbooking and other digital projects.  It’s one of a selection of my favorite editors to use.

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digital scrapbooking with gimp

Why GIMP Is A Great Tool For Digital Scrapbooking

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