Warp Text Into Image With Pilxr – Deform Text In Images For Free

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This is a short post, mostly because you have to see what to do, so I’ve added images that show exactly how to warp text into an image for free.  Depending on how you want this to look deforming text and fitting it into an image or a portion of an image can be done several ways.  But if you’re looking to do it online and not with downloadable software like GIMP then one free option would be to use Pixlr Editor.  Distorting text is kinda like overlaying text except that after the text is overlaid it gets deformed.  NOTE: to do this with Pixlr, you need to use the older Pilxr Editor version and not the new PilxrX;  I’m hoping as I write this that the makers of Pixlr add this truly useful feature into PixlrX but to date, I’ve not seen it available.  Sadly, with rumors of Adobe Flash going away in 2020, I’ll be blogging about other free options to easily warp text.

Basically, to really make the text distort into a complex image, you convert the text to a vector and therefore need an editor that understands graphics as vector images and not blocks or pixels of color.  That’s where feature-rich free programs like GIMP and Inkscape are best, but for many bloggers, they don’t always have time to learn a more complicated program.  A quick easy program like Pixlr Editor for simple jobs is perfect.  So for those who are in a hurry…..

Warp Text Into Image With Pilxr - Deform Text In Images For Free

Warp Text Fast With A Huge Learning Curve

Pixlr Editor works easily to distort text and it’s simpler than other options.  Plus Pixlr saves in png and jpg, both web-friendly which makes for great images that work on social media.  So here’s how to use Pixlr to quickly distort text into an image or graphic you need.  As an example here’s a free image from Pixabay;  in the demo, I’ll fit text inside of the road using an anonymous quote – “It’s not a race, it’s a journey. Enjoy the moment.”

Warp Text Into Image With Pilxr - Deform Text In Images For Free

How is Pixlr able to distort text? It does this is through a process of “rasterizing” the text and turning it into a colored bitmap. Think of it in simple terms as making the text into an object that can be stretched and distorted. In this case, I’m going to take text and fit it within the road.

After I open the image I use the type tool (the “A” in the left side menu) to add text. By default, I will see a list of fonts that are actually installed on my local laptop. I’ll select a font, the size, whether it’s bold, regular or italic (depends on the font).

Warp Text Into Image With Pilxr - Deform Text In Images For Free

I can use the move tool (arrow+ in the left side menu) to center the text. Each row of text I add is created on a separate layer; these layers sit on top of each other and on top of the original image. I can duplicate the text by right-clicking the layer the text resides on.  The various layers show in the layers box on the right side of the workspace.

Warp Text Into Image With Pilxr - Deform Text In Images For Free

After I’ve modified the text I’ll select each layer one by one and use the Layers menu at the top to select “rasterize layer”. Once the text is rasterized I can use the Edit menu and select the “Free Distort” to reshape the text. When I’m done it looks like this.

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Take a look at the video to see the whole process. It doesn’t take much time to do and can create an interesting graphic with a message just for your audience.

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Warp Text Into Image With Pilxr - Deform Text In Images For Free

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