Visual Marketing For Web And Social Media

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Visual Marketing For Web And Social Media

Visual marketing correctly means using good visuals -the right visual content type. You have many ways to reach your audience and promote your message, but using the right visual content type for the right situation; the types of visual used will result in getting noticed rather than getting nowhere. Face it, there are a lot of ways to use images and graphics;  understand which visual content to use will help.  All that hard work on your content and images won’t go to waste if you pick the right type of visual content that your audience responds to.  The importance of good visual content no matter what type you use should always be one of your objectives but the actual visual content type you select is dependent partly on your message and partly your audience.

Attractive Images and Illustrations

Images and illustrations on a website or blog are used for the logo, homepage banner or slider, sidebar widget, email widgets or landing pages, blog featured image, footer widget and icons to name a few. Even within a blog small images reinforce content, break up the monotony of written text and while keeping the reader engaged.

Visual Marketing For Web And Social MediaVisual Marketing For Web And Social Media

Plus, images and illustrations work well on sales page funnels. Photos show off your products to potential customers; 90% of customers are influenced by the photos they see when shopping. It’s important to keep you photos and images inline with your online brand identity. You need to keep them standard looking in size, color and text font style. That helps your customers recognize your content from your competitors.

Data Presentation Graphics

Data presentation graphics also known as data visualization can be very persuasive. These graphics use graphs, maps, charts and even diagrams to clearly convey trends, patterns, facts and or figures. Data graphics can provide important and useful information to your visitors, subscribers and clients but like images should reflect your brand as well. This content type works; stats indicate that 40% of readers understand and respond to visual data better than text.


One powerful step up from Data Presentation Graphics, Infographics are a content type that handles a lot of information and even complex information and condenses it into easy to follow viewable visual content. This content type is less intimidating to the reader then written bulletpoints or sumarized content.

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Plus, its a great graphic to use in social media as its 3 times more likely to be shared than any other content type. Infographics work really well with statistical data than can be visualized or with difficult concepts that can be explained via visual formats.

Call To Action (CTAs)

Call to action graphics encourage and challenge you audience to take action, do something or respond in some way. “Buy now”, “Share this”, “Follow me” “Add to cart” “Subscribe” “Join today” are all typical CTA’s. Using color, images with CTAs helps catch the audience’s attention and encourages a response to exclusive offers you may be providing.

It’s important to actively use CTAs. Statistics indicate 70% of businesses don’t, causing lost opportunities along the way.

Quotes or Memes Blocks

I love quotes or memes. Quotes as defined in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary are to speak or write (a passage) from another usually with credit acknowledgment. A meme is some type of cultural statement or information; it could be a concept, belief, or practice, that spreads from person to person usually through the Internet.

Both can be used in graphics when they fit in with your message and purpose; using a quote or meme will inspiring emotion and motivation. They can encourage the audience to take action or remember a certain brand or product. They’re easy to share and easy to create; good ones can go viral very quickly


I find screenshots useful instructional tools but they can also provide live visuals of information that can be shared. Testimonials or reviews are powerful examples of screenshots when you reuse them on your product pages or service pages. They build confidence and attract others to your products and services.

Tutorials or Q&A Graphics

Tutorial or question and answer (Q&A) graphics are engaging. Viewers are always searching for answers and what better way than a tutorial or q&a graphic to grab their attention. It provides both information and answers they want in a visual way they can remember. Remember those boring assembly instructions you get with ready to assemble toys, furniture etc. The fact that a large percentage of people look at the graphics first; (some never read the instructions) should tell you that this content type works.

Quiz and Puzzle Graphics

SImilar to question and answers, quiz and puzzle graphics encourage engagement and help your audience remember your brand. They provide entertainment and knowledge about your products, services or promotional material. They can be practical, useful and encourage purchase of an item or service.

Illustrations or Comics

People love to laugh. Like funny memes, graphics in the form of comics or illustrations can cause a reaction and an action. Illustrations that use real objects with photos or drawings can create unique attractive and very engaging visual content. Illustrations are the Queen in visual content marketing, second to Video.


Video is king. Video catches the eye. It grab viewer’s attention in social media news feeds where the white noise of streaming images can drown out your graphics. It also keeps their attention better than any other content type. That’s not to say you should only use video and nothing else, but when used it works well indeed.

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