Visual Content Marketing | Part Of Your Digital Content Strategy

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You’ve written this absolutely fantastic article but you need visual content to go with that.  Hey, any good blogger knows that good visual content markets your site while keeping the reader on your post and your blog longer.  While your article might be the next best thing on the planet, without a few well placed and I might add relevant images, most folks might not finish that article you worked so hard to create.

Visual Content Marketing Rocks

That’s sad but true.  We, humans, process a lot of information visually, and there’s scientific research to back up the truth that good visual content keeps readers involved longer.  Simply put, good visuals break up the monotony of written words. So even if you’ve got the best ever post, you’re gonna need some visual content to go with it.  Preferably unique visual content that reinforces your beautiful message.

Visual Content Marketing | Part Of Your Digital Content Strategy

So how do you get great visual content to go with that fantastic post you just finished writing about?

Why you create it, of course.

Editing Images Is Free These Days And Easy To Do

It’s not that hard to do.  Like writing, there’s a basic process for making visual content.  Take free. Tweak it. Make it yours.  Right?

Visual Content Marketing | Part Of Your Digital Content Strategy

Visual Content Marketing | Part Of Your Digital Content Strategy

Look at the free graphic above that I made in less than 5 minutes. It’s a simple combo of a 3d image and overlaid text. I got the 3d image free from Pixabay; this image is my “foundational” starting point for the final visual I’ll use.  When you need an image just ask yourself a few questions.

Answer These Questions

  1. What free images, icons or graphics can you get that relate to what you are discussing?
  2. What size is the final image (i.e. visual content) going to be?
  3. Are you going to add a call to action in the image?
  4. What is the graphic for or where will it be used?

The last 3 items generally are straightforward. That is size, CTA/text, and use.

Finding starting images, icons and graphics

It’s a heck of a lot easier than it use to be.  Let’s walk thru a hypothetical example.

Say I’m creating a website about cars and need a banner.  I know the banner size I need. I should add a CTA encouraging subscription or promotion etc on the banner especially since most banners are placed “above the fold” on a webpage.  So questions 2, 3, and 4 are easy (size, text, and use).  The image I start with plus the CTA or any text I choose to add becomes my visual content that promotes the webpage. If I don’t have a starting image then I’ll need to find one preferably something free.

There are many many available resources; in fact, I’ve got a printable PDF of 57+ sites that offer free images, icons, and graphics.  You can get it here.  As you discover more on your own, I’d recommend you pick a productivity tool like (Google Sheets, Trello, Evernote, or even something as basic as Notepad).  The point is to keep a list of graphics and image sites handy so you can quickly find what you need when you need it.

Take The Extra Time To Edit 101 – It’s good for you and your visitors.

Now, please don’t use that image as is.  Just don’t, because then you’ll look just like everyone else.  Overlay color, use a part of it or merge it with another image. Change it, tweak it and make it fit with your written content and overall purpose.

So let’s go back to my hypothetical example. I got a free picture of a cool car from Pixabay and uploaded into Canva. You’ll find I’ve written quite a few articles on Canva. For quick featured images, social media posts Canva is the way to go.  It just is built for this type of purpose.

Here’s my car image for my banner. It’s a “png” file format. Most online editors understand this format.

Visual Content Marketing | Part Of Your Digital Content Strategy

Add in a little color overlay, some text (call to action) and maybe a button and I’m done.  Not to walk you thru the step by step although if you’re really into that, check out my overlays article ().  Here I’m just showing you thought process. Here’ the final graphic or visual content.  Went from a nice car photo to visual content promoting my fictional car website.  Took me like 5 minutes to make.

Visual Content Marketing | Part Of Your Digital Content Strategy

Don’t need an image. No problem.  You could start with some icons and build your visual content that way, especially if it is more data-driven or informative.

Spice Up Those Dry Statistics With A Few Free Icons

Visual Content Marketing | Part Of Your Digital Content StrategyLet’s take another example.  I need to present data to promote my message, so I’ll find some free icons or graphic elements and merge them into my overall visual content that gets the message across to the reader.  Finding a free one(s) use the same process.

Notice the infographic to the right.  I found the four icons and just added them with my data and message to get the point across.  This works exceedingly well, especially since just stating facts in an article can be a bit dry.

The point is that by using free resources and combining and merging them into something new creates professional unique graphics for your purpose.

By taking free and modifying it even a little you can make it stand out, keep your reader engaged longer and perhaps education while entertaining them at the same time.

Plus, they are likely to remember your site and that’s certainly worth the extra effort.

So creating great content and using it to market your brand, blog or business is easier than you think.





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Visual Content Marketing | Part Of Your Digital Content Strategy

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