Useful Photo Editing Resources

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useful-photo-editorsHaven’t met anybody yet that says “Ah, I hate free”.   Face it.  We love free.   We tell our friends and family about our free stuff.

Its no different when building a blog or a website.  You find a free plugin, or a really good free service to use with your site, you tell everyone.   And if your budget is a little tight, those free resources mean a whole lot more.  Well, I’m here to tell you about couple of free resources I use a lot.

Useful Photo Editing ResourcesUseful Photo Editing Resources

In fact for some tasks I’m so used to these I don’t use my paid ones simply out of habit. Some of these free resources I used before I could afford paid tools.  Plus, these resources are super useful, user friendly and just plain work.

These 4 Useful Photo Editing Resources I use literally in my day to day work on the web.  So, here’s my top 4 free resources I use a lot and I think once you take a look at them, you will want to use them too.



Once I was told about this tool I can’t tell you how much of a difference it made.   From creating facebook covers to pinterest images, Canva rocks.   It has predefined sizes or you can set your own custom dimensions when building or modifying a picture.  Plus, upload your icon, image or whatever and incorporate it into your design.  Or pick from one of Canva’s hundreds of shapes, images, icons, squiggles etc.  Most of those are only $1.   How many things can you buy for a buck these days?  Not too many.  I don’t get a cent for recommending this but the folks at Canva have my thanks for such a great tool.  Admittedly, it isn’t a replacement for Adobe Photoshop, Pixelmator or GIMP but still its pretty awesome. Canva is incredibly handy and very easy to use.  You should check out Canva if you need to design a logo, facebook cover or ad, twitter, instagram or pinterest image.  I highly recommend it.

Useful Photo Editing Resources

Pilxr Editor Online

pilxr editor
pixlr editor

Pilxr Editor is another amazing tool I’ve used for some time now. Pilxr Editor is an image editing tool I’m referring too. It is really very versatile. You can create images from scratch or open an image/photo and modify it. This useful editor can resize, change the colors in the image, or overlay images. Pixlr Editor has many more options then just what I’ve mentioned. It is not a substitute for a full blown imaging editor like Adobe‘s suite of tools but you can do quite a bit with this editor. One great feature is that Pilxr Editor is free. For me, the only downside is the limitation on text size that can be added to an image, but if you plan on extensive editing, you’ll probably end up purchasing Adobe Photoshop, Pixelmator or GIMP . Still, this free tool is worth your time to learn.

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When I first started building sites I wondered where I was going to get great photos.  Pixabay to the rescue!!!  Yeah!  Thanks to all those fantastic photographers and designers that upload their images and icons on Pixabay, I’ve found some amazing stuff that fit perfectly with what I needed.   And being royalty free means that images can be re-sized or modified for use.  That means you can make that image or icon unique and fit into your site looking as professional as the big hitters out there.   Frankly, I don’t know how others build their sites without Pixabay.  I do have other sources I use but Pixabay is one of the first places I go to.


freepik resources

Freepik is another handy site I use for icons, vectors and smaller graphics.  They do require attribution unless you go with the premium service (about $10/month) which is still very reasonable compared to just about any other premium service out there.  The icons and vectors on Freepik are professional and they allow you to modify the colors prior to downloading the item you’ve chosen.   This is really conveinent and there’s no other site I use to date that does this in such an user friendly fashion.  This is a great site if you need icons.

My Honorable Mention Tool.


pixelmator editor for mac
pixelmator editor for mac

This last program is only for IOS and Mac’s.   And the free part is a trial version so I didn’t include it as one of my top 4.  However if you’re a Mac user and try this you’ll probably shell out the $30.  It’s a heck of a lot less then Adobe and it has Photoshop and Illustrator functionality.  I know if you’re a fan of those two programs you probably won’t change but my biggest gripe about Adobe and many of the software tools I have used in the past is that they all are going to the “cloud”.  That’s fine.  What’s not fine is the monthly subscription service.  So if you don’t want that you at least ought to try Pixelmator and see if it could work for you.  Again, I don’t get a cent for this.  These are just the tools I use and like.

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Useful Photo Editing Resources

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