Take Advantage Of Pixlr Editor – Read These 5 Tips

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Take Advantage Of Pixlr Editor - Read These 5 TipsOnline editing has come a long way. It use to be just a crop, resize and format affair; now editing graphics is almost as good as with purchased software or subscription services. Notice I say “almost”. There are limitations but for the money, as in free, online editing is amazingly handy.  If you are looking for a way to change the background of a photo online or you’d like to remove a background from a photo online then consider Pixlr Editor.

I really love Pilxr. While I use other editing tools now Pilxr still is one of those amazingly handy online editors that is super easy to use. That’s exactly what many new bloggers might find very very useful for specific tasks. (I still use it for quick jobs because its so darn easy!) There is a paid version but the free has some really useful features. So take advantage of Pixlr Editor and see how these 5 ideas with Pixlr can get you started.

Take Advantage Of Pixlr Editor - Read These 5 Tips

Tip #1 Removing Backgrounds Is Easy

This editor makes removing backgrounds easy. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to remove a solid white background or a complicated landscape. It’s all possible with Pixlr. In fact, easy background take less than 2 minutes. Now there’s a lot of online so called background removal websites, but I’ve yet to run across one that cleanly removes the background and doesn’t accidentally affect the image. The difference between pixlr and these upload hit the button removal sites is that Pixlr works and the result is professional (plus it’s free).

If you’d really like to know more I offer a free course called “Background Eraser Hacks” that takes less than 30 minutes to go thru. You’ll be removing backgrounds with Pixlr like a pro in no time. I created the course for those who want a simple way to remove backgrounds from images and aren’t looking for graphic design software like GIMP or Inkscape.

Here’s more about that FREE course if you’re interested >>>  Go to Course Outline

Take Advantage Of Pixlr Editor - Read These 5 Tips

Tip #2  Changing Colors Of Graphics

Changing the color of images, graphics or objects. This is a cool technique that Pilxr makes relatively easy. Basically you’ve found a free graphic you’d like to use but the color is all wrong for your needs. No problem. Upload it into Pilxr. The easy one is simply to use the paint bucket, pick the new color and paint it on.

Tip #3  Recoloring Non-solid Colors

Changing color when it is varied or in shades. All colors are uniquely represented with a 6 digit hexidecimal code. So light blue not only looks different than dark blue it has a different 6 digit number. So say you have an image with an object on the background of the sky. The sky might be solid blue but in reality it could have several shades of blue. So changing that is best done with the color picker and color replacement tools. Take a look and the before and after (not that I’m saying a purple sky looks better, its all for show).

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Tip #4  Resizing Using Transform or Distorting The Image

Pixlr is basically a free photo or picture resizer. Resize your image simply by uploading it and copying into a new file where you can resize or distort it in whatever way you need. The transform and distort options are part of the edit menu along with standard select, copy and paste functions. The transform option resizes a copied object after it has been pasted into a new image or graphic thus saving your original image from being modified.  You can even create cool professional looking collages this way.  Take a look below.  I’ve added the pizza to the table with the knife. Pretty easy to do.

The distort is handy in situations where changing the aspect ratio of a image is needed. Simply copy the image into a new file and click on distort. Using the handles in the corners of the object allow distorting in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Tip #5 Jpg to Png Conversion or Vice Versa

Converting jpg to png or png to jpg. It’s painless and fast. Upload the file and resave it to the format needed. Even save it in better or lower resolution by using the slider at the bottom of the file save window.

Pilxr has many other features but these 5 tips are so handy I use Pixlr for these quick jobs even when other software and online editors are available.

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5 Powerful Features Of Pixlr Editor

Take Advantage Of Pixlr Editor - Read These 5 Tips

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