Take Advantage Of Design Trends- Cool Colour Combinations

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Take Advantage Of Design Trends- Cool Colour Combinations

I love color.  You see I use a lot of bright color in my featured images because color is my thing.  Now I did build a beautiful black and white website for another purpose;  I thought it turned out fantastic as well (just a different style).  Still I’m drawn (literally) to creating, editing my graphics in brilliant colors.  You’ll notice much of my blog uses two main colors:  marine blue and aqua green, but I manage to incorporate other vivid colors in my graphic images as much as possible when it fits.  When creating cool color combinations design trends can provide great guidance.

There are some generic rules that when designing with color but the current trends are currently geared towards brilliant color combinations. That’s not to say if you use muted or pastels that you show immediately change, because you may have already established your “brand” with those colors. However if you’re working on a project or new website you might want to consider the current trends when picking out the color or colors you plan to use.

Using Color For Your Brand?

It’s kind of a rule of thumb in terms of brand identity to use the same main colors of your site in graphics, logos and visual content as much as possible.

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Another recommendation is to use no more than three fonts.   It keeps the reader from being confused, makes the information presented much more coherent and organized and helps readers identify your content as yours.  It is the “visual” means of recognition for your blog, business and social media.

My main font in my graphics is bold and very easy to read even on mobile; my second choice of font is complementary to that strong bold font.  I also incorporate two main colors on my blog (not including black text).  But as I said color is my thing, so my featured images integrate my two main colors when possible along with the graphic I’m creating.  That might be putting one of the main colors as a background or overlay while using the other as text color if it looks right.  Sometimes I only use one of the colors.  My fonts are pretty consistent although when I started my fonts were slightly different.

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Why is this important for you?

So why do I mention all this?  It’s because I recently read an interesting article by Venngage about the color trends for 2019, and it’s right in line with what I love to create.  You can read the whole article here but there are 3 trends that fit into my graphics so strongly I’m going to mention why I think these are important to note.

Trend #1 – Eye Catching Brilliant Color – Web Color Schemes

One upcoming trend for 2019 is using bright eye-catching color.  That makes tremendous sense to me.  We live in a very digital world; one where our attention is consistently bombarded with information in the form of social media news feeds that literally scroll across our mobile devices.

In fact earlier this year, Facebook announced that they were going to change how they prioritized posts because feedback had indicated that family and friend posts were being “drowned out by content from brands and publishers” (Forbes Jan 2018).

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As a Facebook user, I get it. As a blogger and courseware instructor, that means without eye-catching visual content (aka my images, graphics, etc), along with my posts needs to be better and more appealing.

And there’s truth to the fact that we tend to ignore a lot of information in our news feeds due to the volume of it;  much of what scrolls by is not “seen”.   So using bright vivid color in graphics, images, and posts that stand out makes a lot of sense and I think that trend is an important one to note.

TREND #2 – Picking The Right Font(s) For Web, Social Media or Print

Hey, it’s just a little old font. Yes sir, that’s true. However, just as you use images to convey your message; your text should be easy to read. If you’d like to know “How Choose Nice Fonts That Look Awesome” just check out the article for useful tips on picking out the best font for your next design or website.

No matter what font you use, most are easily readable as black on white backgrounds. You’re like, “duh, that’s obvious”. The problem occurs when you pick a font, look at it as black on white and think “hey, this is cool I think I’m going to use this on my website”. Do yourself a favor. Add it to an image or graphic; try to read it on a mobile device, and see if the text is still readable and visible. There a ton of “cool” fonts out there. Some are great for the web and some are better for designs. Pick the right one for the right purpose. Strong typographical fonts are almost always visible on the web but they may not always be right for your purpose.

Take Advantage Of Design Trends- Cool Colour Combinations

But that’s not to say to use 2 or 3 heavy bold fonts together because that is overwhelming.  It’s like someone typing a letter in all caps. Doesn’t this just look a mess? Plus it’s just ugly.

Pick fonts that work together. A strong bold font with a “standard” or “plain” but stylish web font looks a heck of alot better than two massively strong fonts.  If you need font ideas, please seriously see my article “How Choose Nice Fonts That Look Awesome“. It walks you thru finding fonts; in fact, if you don’t want to read it just download the free cheat sheet and skip the search. Pick from 105 fabulously fantastic fun, feminine, manly, grunge, fat or stylish fonts. Like I mentioned in the article, they are all popular downloads!

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Take Advantage Of Design Trends- Cool Colour Combinations

I find this more engaging, easy to read and still attractive.

Which leads into the next trend.

TREND #3 – Ying and Yang, Dark And Light Web Design Color

Web color inspiration is possible with the use of light on dark or dark on light color combos; this includes even black and white as shown above.  The technique works exceedingly well for web color schemes and text print.  It works great for logos and graphics that may be more than photos: think of icons, illustrations or graphic elements used for infographics or even printed media.  Plus it looks good even when done on a simple scale.  It’s eye-catching as well as attractive.

As a quick example, light text placed on a darker background, overlay or image makes the text “pop” out; plus it’s easy to read even on mobile.  The same goes with dark or black text on a very light background or image.  The text conveys your written message while the image reinforces it.  And the image or background doesn’t have to be super complex;  when done properly the result also looks professional and attractive. Take a look at these graphics I’ve made in the past.

Inkscape Filter Text
Inkscape Filter Text
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10 graphic design tips
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Now I could go on about how to use the same technique just to make a graphic, icon or illustration but I think you get a general idea.

They were super easy to create and I use them to show subscribers how to find my free resources.

If you’d like to see more 2019 trends I’d encouraged you to take a look at Venngage’s full article “The 8 Biggest Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate 2019”;  it provides other ideas about how to make your graphics stand out above the rest. If you loved this post consider sharing it.  Thanks!


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