Graphics & Images

The Building Blocks Of Visual Content 

The “visual” part of your brand recognition.

Created from free or scratch, your graphics & images are the first things seen.

Creating visual content is fun, but learning to edit, modify and create takes time. Frankly, who has extra time on their hands?

Would easy to use editing tips and free tools give you more time?

Would ways to create different types of visual content help you engage with your audience better? Catch their attention?

Get the tips, techniques, and insights on creating, editing, and using visual content to grow your audience.

Hey, it’s free all you got to do is sign up and see how you can use it. 

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Creative resources

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Step by step guides

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Easy to understand

Brand Recognition, Social Media Growth Thru
Better Visual Content

Creating Visual Content For Social Media.

Images, Animated GIFs, Videos, Infographics…

These are the bread and butter of social media.  

To be seen, you better have good images, video, gifs….  

You have about 1-3 seconds of time until they recognize you.

Edit, animate, create branded visual content.

Hey, I didn’t spend a dime in making the collage to the right.

Nada, zip, not a dime.

While you don’t need a collage, ( I’m making a point), the techniques used anybody including you can use too.

When you subscribe, you’ll receive lots of ideas on editing and promoting using your visual content.

Plus, you’ll get access to my free printable resources and new ones I make available.

Otherwise go ahead, keep doing the same old thing expecting different results. 

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Just a plain old cube on a white background, kinda boring until it’s changed slightly…..

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Do you need this?

Well, you probably don’t need a cube with pictures but you do need graphics to promote your business.  

Need easy to use techniques to edit content for your blog, social media or printable projects?

Want to use the best editor (think easiest and most efficient) for the right job?

Need to know how promote and sell your own creations and designs?

Attract more followers, clients and grow your business?

Whats this all about?

My name is Martha. I help solo entreprenuers create, edit, promote with “visual content”.

I also offer printable resources you can use to edit and make content.

You may be so busy that creating graphics for social media is the last thing on your list.  Maybe a few printable resources would help!

Or you may love to spend all your time creating beautiful amazing graphics, images, icons, and illustrations but don’t know how to promote them.  Let me give you a few ideas.

Sign up if you’re interested.  If not, no hurt feelings here.   If you want to know more about me, go to my about page.

Background Removal Mini Course
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Hey, sometimes its the little things that add up and make it easier to get the job done.  For example. I found this free button image but it wasn’t in my brand color blue so I edited it in less than 5 minutes. Now it’s perfect. 

 You can do that too;  I’ll show you how if you’re interested.

This is for you if….

If you’re a sole entreprenuer that wants to edit, fix and modify or even sell beautiful visuals for your website, social media or print. You’ve come to the right place, my friend….. Just sign up.

Use the best ideas to create social media content
that engages and grows your audience.

You can unsubscribe at any time (I won’t be offended). In fact, I’d be really bummed if you thought my articles were SPAM because I work pretty darn hard to produce the most relevant content possible. If you’re unsure then check out some of my past articles.

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