Social Media Visual Content Management- Why I Don’t Cross-post

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social-media-visual-mgmt-crosspost-iBuilt the blog. Check.

Got the social media account. Check.

Posted on social media. Check.

Silence. Crickets… (Listening to pins dropping).

It’s every blogger and online entrepreneur’s struggle. How the heck to connect with their audience and potential followers. Yes, social media is the holy grail for most bloggers, retailers, small businesses but it’s harder to get noticed than it was, say 5 years ago. Because there’s a boatload of people posting to social media that weren’t doing it 5 years ago. Ah yeah.

Therefore, it’s pretty darn important to figure out how to optimize and engage correctly using social media content management and scheduling. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest… No matter which you use for promoting your content all of them are VISUAL mediums. That means getting attention with great looking visual content so that you can then get your message across.

Social Media Visual Content Management- Why I Don't Cross-postSocial Media Visual Content Management- Why I Don't Cross-post

Manage your social media- Use schedulers

One of the best ways to manage visual content efficiently is with social media tools for business. Some of the best social media management schedulers allow managing multiple social media accounts. That’s pretty awesome for most of us who are online because it allows posting our content across multiple media channels. But using social media content management is more than picking the best social media management tool. Use any tool wrong and you won’t get the results you want.

It’s great that there’s all kinds of social media management tools for your visual content out there. I’ve looked at least a dozen and I’m sure I’ve not found them all. I’ve consistently used at least 2 (Buffer, Tailwind) but what currently amazes me is the push for cross-posting visual content across social media channels. That just seems too easy an answer without looking at all the pro’s and con’s.

What’s the big deal with that?

While I don’t’ work for or haven’t worked for any company providing a social media scheduler, my guess is that promoting cross-posting brings in customers. It’s an offering they can charge for. However, while it’s almost essential these days to use a good social media scheduler, I don’t like cross-posting the exact same visual content across multiple channels except in 1 situation.

Color List Fb

Should You Cross-post Images Across Multiple Social Media Channels?

Why do I think cross-posting is more hype than help?

Well, for starters anybody who posts to Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or any other choice knows that there is no standard for sizing visual content.

So a Pinterest Rich Pin, (735 x 1102) which gets more traffic than any other kind of pin, frankly gets chopped on Instagram, and looks disproportionately out of size on Facebook. ( I know because I’ve tried it.) Facebook “standard” posts (1200 x 630) look tiny and unreadable on Pinterest and won’t compete with Rich pins for views. Cross-posting the wrong size might end up looking ugly, small, unreadable. Cross-posting is easy to schedule but what’s the point if the visual content gets butchered in the process. Isn’t the point to get great visual content out there that will get noticed?

Secondly, there are subtle differences in how each channel determines what visual content to show.

For example on Pinterest big catchy titles right on top of a pin can increase engagement; do that on facebook and you’ll potentially be penalized for too much text. Of course, it still may work but isn’t the goal to be seen.

Not all content types work across all mediums.

On Facebook, image, video and animated gifs work, but Instagram doesn’t support video or animated gifs unless you use Instagram Stories. However, you can put animated gifs or video on Stories but only 24-hours. If you want it seen longer, you have to keep reposting the same content, every 24 hours. In comparison, Pinterest has primarily been about eye-catching visual images (Rich Pins) although now they have carousels (multiple images) which I’m beginning to test.

The point? These differences affect how and what visual content will work well where. That’s gonna affect how you schedule. It’s not that you can’t cross-post, but is there a bang for your buck in doing so?

I personally only share between Facebook and Instagram And Here’s Why.

I’m not a proponent of cross-posting because in some cases I believe it hurts more than helps. Yes, it makes it easier to post to multiple channels simultaneously, but at what cost? It really doesn’t seem good to post a Pinterest pin to Facebook when if it’s not optimized for what Facebook deems is best to share. Plus cross-post from Facebook to Pinterest means that tiny pin probably won’t be seen by many in the firehose of Pinterest Rich Pins being shown each day.

In my humble opinion (take it or leave it), making the right visual content for the right medium is a part of engaging with the right audience in the best way. Yes it is a little more work in that you have to properly re-size your visual content for each channel. So what. Take the extra 15 minutes to do that and get better views and possible more engagement in the long run. In my mind, it’s worth the effort.

There’s only 1 situation where I currently cross-post.

I’ll take a Instagram post ( 1080 x 1080) and cross-post to Facebook because it still looks good.

Cross-posting is being pushed by social media scheduling tools, but I think before you use it you should consider whether cross-posting your visual content will still look good and get seen. Because getting noticed is the first step to engaging with your audience and followers.

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