Small Business Logo Design – 4 Easy Ways To Make Your Logo

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4 Easy Ways To Make Your Logo Using These Free Editors

Every online business needs a logo. Period. Most small business owners look for help because they either don’t know about these 4 easy ways to make their logo or they don’t think they have the skills to make a small business logo design that would look good. My general advice is keep it simple. Mimimalist logos are used by some the of biggest companies in the world. You don’t need some 3D logo to have one that people remember. So I’m going to suggest some easy to use editors that will help you create a logo you can be proud of.

Small Biz Logo Design

But let me just mention several reasons why making your small business logo might be incredibly useful.

1. You might need more than one logo style – rectangle versus square versus circle.

When I started, one of the first things I planned was how my logo would look. Should I use a minimalistic one, a 3D one or something with a special effect or design. I didn’t think about size or shape. I only thought about style. I forgot that a logo gets used everywhere – on your webpage header, for your social media cover or profile photo, as a watermark, favicon, and definitely on any printed media. Guess what? Each use of your small business logo may require a different size or shape. For example, a logo on website header is generally a rectangle but on social media profiles like Facebook it’s a square. On Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram it’s a circle.

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2. You’ll need a logo in different sizes and having someone resize it for you is wasting money and time.

So making you logo means you plan for several shapes but you also need it in several sizes. A logo on a webheader is much bigger than on a Pinterest, Twitter, or Instagram profile and generally the wrong size for a Facebook profile too. Plus, on letterhead, brochures, or any printed media you’ll need your logo much smaller then on your webpage. With these 4 easy ways to make your logo it should be a breeze to resize or reshape it for whatever purpose. That’s a couple of big reasons I think that small businesses and entreprenuers are better off with minimalistic logos they can modify themselves in like 3 minutes or less. Keeping it simple means retaining control, saving time and saving money. You still have brand identity but you can re-create your logo in any shape and style for any purpose you need.  Plus once you create your small business logo, wait a couple of weeks and then need it in a different size or shape later on you can still change it with these 4 methods in like 3 minutes. I should know; I do it all the time. 馃槈

3. Remember KEEP IT SIMPLE – Minimalistic logos are used by some of the biggest companies in the world

I really belief that. This basic knowledge and technique works with graphics and images you use. I watch small businesses and blogger struggle with this. I see some folks use these online logo generators or what is also called as logo make software. I don’t recommend it. You can’t control the size or shape, so don’t be tempted. Besides, you don’t have to be an artist to use the basic techniques for your business; you just need to understand a few editing techniques. If the big names out there can create a minimalistic logo that is branded and recognizable so can you. I’m betting you have tasks you complete that maintain your business that are way more complicated then learning a few editing techniques. Hey, so editing your small biz logo when you need to is pretty handy.

So do yourself a HUGE favor and follow along. I’m going to show you how to make a very professional looking minimalistic small business logo design that you can use over and over again.

5. Minimalistic Small Business Logo Design Considerations

You need to decide on 5 things for creating a professional looking logo.

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Color List Fb
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  • A. What Color It Should Be
  • B. What Font To Use
  • B. What Shape You Need – Rectangle, Square, Circle.
  • C. What Size You Require
  • D. What Name It Should Be

If you need help with either color or font, check out my freebie cheatsheets here>>>>

6. Visual Content Editors That Anybody Can Use

There are several dozen really good online choices but I’m going to mention 4 ones that do an excellent job. Why do I pick these? Every online editor or even a downloadable one has strengths and weaknesses. Plus, I think using an editor you find intutitive is better than trying to learn one you’re uncomfortable with. So by showing you a couple of these I think you will find the perfect one for your needs.

Now drum-roll please. Let’s take a look at those 4 easy ways to make your small business logo. I think you’re gonna love this.

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Small Business Logo Design - 4 Easy Ways To Make Your Logo

Let’s start with creating the primary logo design using Canva; it has a paid and free version but I’m going to use the free only. This logo is going to be made totally free except for the 10 to 20 minutes it took to design it.

Just go to Canva and register.

I used “find templates” under the menu “create a design”. I clicked on “logos” after browsing the “templates and then selected select the category template(s) of interest.

use templates in canva to make your logo
use templates in canva to make your logo

The automotive template as a starting point to make my own logo in this example. I changed the wording to my logo name by clicking on it and modifying. The color was changed by selecting the item, clicking on the color button and either selecting the color or typing in the 6 digit hex code that represents the color desired. Since I knew the 6 digit code that was entered. Either way works just fine.

If you’d like to see a more in depth look at Canva Templates for Logos check out my Canva Templates For Logos.

color your logo name canva
add color to your logo canva

Now if you’d like a second more in depth look at creating a small business logo with canva, I’ve written an article specific to that here >> Make A Free Logo With CANVA Templates

8.聽 Make Your Small Business Logo Design Using Inkscape In 5 Minutes

Inkscape is free software that works on any operating system and it does more than make logos but for this purpose it is an amazing tool. Simply go to, download the software and install it. I use the Inkscape filters to create really awesome logos in less than 5 minutes and you can too. While you only need one logo, you can make hundreds of logos in any font, color combination, size, and shape you want. I’ve written several articles about it and even provide the basic filters in Inkscape if you want to go beyond the typical minimalistic style and add a hint of depth or shadow to your logo.

Simple check out my awesome article about Inkscape logos here >>> 5 Minute Logos With Inkscape

9. Make Your Small Business Logo Design Using GIMP In 5 Minutes

Yup, GIMP is free too.聽 You may have noticed I like free stuff; doesn’t everyone feel that way?聽 聽Not everything is free but GIMP is.聽 Granted there is a bit more of a learning curve with GIMP but if you follow the article I’ve written you’ll find that you can use the GIMP scripts to create a very professional look logo that is perfect for your purpose.聽聽

You can find the full article about creating your logo using free GIMP software here >>> 5 Minute Logos With GIMP

10. Make Your Small Business Logo Design Using PicMonkey

I’ll be honest.聽 I love PicMonkey; its easy to use but there is no free version.聽 Still, it’s not that pricy and you can create an amazing logo and more with this very intuitive online editor.聽 I don’t use it anymore but I still recommend it because of the ease of use and flexibility.聽 You can find my original article on PicMonkey logos here if you’re interested. >>>> Free Logo Design Using 5 PicMonkey Features

Now that you know about these amazing editors go make your small business logo design with one of these.聽 If you found this article useful, please consider sharing it.聽 I love helping others and you’re sharing my information is greatly appreciated.

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