Seven Reasons ConvertKit Rocks

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7-reasons-convertkit-rocksUPDATE:  While I loved ConvertKit when I used it, I’ve now moved to ActiveCampaign.  If you’re interested in why check out my Article here (Why I Switched To ActiveCampaign)

Unique content makes a website rock. Customizable email lets you engage your readers and potential clients. Your subscribers respond to interesting email content that is presented in a way to catch their attention. It could be information they are searching for or it could just be an intriguing email title that gets their attention. Either way, it’s essential to have an email provider that you can easily understand how to use and customized for your needs. I can think of at least seven reasons Convertkit rocks in a unique way for email automation. One reason for so many email service providers is the features offered for automation.  Most providers do a great job. However, I’ve found that the email providers I’ve tested and used have different approaches to controlling, creating and customizing email automation.  And like me, most website owners have specific needs.  So whether you are just starting and need extra support, DIY’er looking for specific features or are an email pro with automation, Convertkit may be your solution.

Seven Reasons ConvertKit RocksSeven Reasons ConvertKit Rocks

Reason 1- The use of tags, sequences and segments

Convertkit uses tags, segments and sequences with their forms and automation. Both tags and segments are applied to subscribers.  Think of a segment as simply a group of subscribers.  Convertkit doesn’t use lists like most email service providers.  Instead, tagging and segmenting subscribers with the use of link triggers control what emails a subscriber recieves from an email sequence.  That allows better engagement with subscribers.   For example, tag and triggers can be used to bypass offers to subscribers that have already purchased a product.  Those same subscribers can still recieve all the other emails in the sequence.  That’s powerful and keeps your subscriber engaged by only sending those emails they are interested in.

Reason 2- Use of multiple tags per subscriber

Tags are useful and multiple tags per subscriber are possible.  The use of Convertkit tags associated to subscribers allows grouping subscribers by their interests and then offering content, product and services geared towards the subscriber’s interests.  So tags allow sending email to interested subscribers as well as limiting emails from those who are not interested..

Reason 3- Easy to use, easy to build forms and landing pages

Convertkit forms are easy to create.  Pick the style of form or landing page.   Click within the form to add titles, content and images.  Click the styles icon to add or modify color.  It is intuitive and only takes minutes to build your form and landing pages.  If you really feel artsy, customization beyond the form and landing templates is available through CSS.

Reason 4- Multiple options and ways to easily embed Convertkit forms

Using Convertkit automations lets you survey your audience when they subscribe if you set it up.  This is a great way to customize email with content your subscribers are interested in. You can also set up unsubscribe options that give the subscriber control.   They could just unsubscribe to “web design techniques” but still receive emails on “promos & services” you may offer.

Reason 5- Easily embed forms using a variety of methods

Embed forms using javascript, html or WordPress shortcode.  Load Convertkit as a plugin into wordpress and at the end of each page or post add a convertkit form by default using the Convertkit settings.  Make different forms for A/B testing and then place those forms within content, sidebar, menu or footer using Convertkit shortcodes.

Reason 6- Visual automation and simple rules

Easy automation is available by visual automation or rules.  Rules are if – then type statements with drop-down selections.  The rules are simple.  If a subscriber does X then do Y. By creating these rules either with the visual automation tool or the simpler rule menu, email can be automated to subscribers by how, what, when and to whom.

Reason 7- Online Support

Convertkit offers training through their online videos, documentation and helpful online chat.

Convertkit offers a lot to help engage and personalize your emails to your subscribers.  Those seven reasons Convertkit rocks make it easy to send emails.

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Seven Reasons ConvertKit Rocks

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