8 Categories of Inkscape Vector Art Designs You Can Sell

make-money-with-inkscape-designsInkscape is one of my favorite editors.   Besides being free it makes amazing vector graphic art for all kinds of purposes.  Many designers, DIY’rs and crafters love Inkscape for their personal projects in addition to selling their digital art.  If you’re looking to earn some cash with your savvy Inkscape skills then selling vectors online is an opportunity.   Granted, it’s not easy selling artwork online; there’s a lot of competition.  But there’s also a lot of folks looking for vector graphics, you might think to sell Inkscape vector art and make some cash.  You never know it could become a full-time business.

As a blogger, I’ve collected over 57 image and vector graphics sites. There’s a ton of free images available, especially from Pixabay.  It has several million images to off. However a much smaller segment of vectors available for free.   In fact, I’ve only found a dozen or so sites that offer free vectors.  That means for small businesses that need vector graphics, particularly logos, icons, illustrations, and artwork are searching to find an online site that sells what they need.  That’s good for you if you want to sell Inkscape vectors online and you’re good at creating those types of designs.

8 Categories Of Inkscape Vector Art Designs

So what kind of Inkscape vector designs could you sell online?  Check out these 8 options and see if one or all would work for your vector art..

Option 1.   Selling Vector Logos.

This a big one.  Every business needs a logo whether they’re online or not.  Because even if they’re not online they still need their logo on business cards, flyers, letterhead, and invoices.  If they are online, add watermarks, social media profiles, and cover photos.   The beauty of vector logos is the ability to resize them fast; I mean literally in seconds.  Many online editors can create jpgs and pngs but not all resize them correctly so that the logo doesn’t become distorted. A perk about selling vector logos;  the routes for selling a logo range from advertising your designs on Fiverr, Freelancer, Etsy or your own website to advertising directly on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.  The competition is fierce but the demand is high and always there.  I’ve seen logo’s sell for $20 to $500.  It depends on what the individual wants.  Although I think most folks could make a simple logo for themselves for free if they wanted too, the reality is many of them don’t have the time or interest to do so.

Option 2.   Digital scrapbooking kits

A lot of Inkscape designers might miss this opportunity.  There’s a ton of online digital scrapbookers out there and it’s growing.  While you can’t charge much for a digital scrapbooking kit you can sell it over and over again.  Unlike logo’s that are one time purchases designed especially for one individual or business, digital scrapbooking kits are just that.  A kit that could sell to anybody interested in scrapbooking.  Most digital scrapbooking kits consist of graphics and word-art;  generally, they are based on a theme and color palette.  Think of digital scrapbooking kits for categories like “new baby” or “wedding” “birthday” “anniversary” “holiday”.   When my niece graduated from high school a friend made a digital “scrapbook” postcard using online graphics, my niece’s photo and created a graduation invitation out of it.  There’s an endless list of digital scrapbooking graphics that go into digital scrapbooking.  Inkscape’s features lend to creating many graphic elements that can be used similar to Adobe’s Illustrator and Photoshop programs

Option 3.   Print on demand.

Another huge market for Inkscape designs can be found here.   Mostly print on demand t-shirts, mugs, and wall art.   Whether you decide to offer your Inkscape design services on places like Fiverr or Freelancer, you could also just sell your designs on Redbubble, Zazzle or Society6.   However, if you sign up with an actual print on demand company and decide to sell directly on Etsy, Amazon or eBay, you may take home more of the profit.  But selling an actual physical product will also require dealing with customers and returns.  That may not be something you are interested in.

Option 4.   Word wall art.

This is something that seems to be popular on Etsy.  It sells as home decor;  items like kitchen, bath and bedroom wall art plaques or small printable 8 x 8, 8 x 10 or 12 x 12 designs.  Baby wall art is popular as is wall art categories for “mom” “dad” “anniversary” and “pet” wall art.  You can find it easily on Etsy and see the examples that sell.  Much of this can be made with Inkscape (or GIMP) depending on what kind of wall art designs you decide to create.

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Option 5.   Silhouette designs and doodle art.

Another big category of designs that Inkscape can handle.  This is easy because it’s black on white.   Silhouettes are useful for both option 2, 3 and 4.  While there’s a lot of free silhouettes there not always good ones and there is a demand for silhouettes for the above categories.  Plus silhouettes can be a fancy text for any occasion as well as any kind of niche you can think of.  Examples of silhouette categories range from animals to hobbies.  If you can come up with a list of niche interests (cats, dogs, fishing, balloons, boats, etc) you can draw a silhouette that someone somewhere would use.  Doodle artwork if created for children become very sellable as coloring page printables and stickers.

Option 6.   Social Media Covers, Profile Images

Every business online is most likely on social media.  They need images and graphics for their social media profiles and covers.  If they aren’t using actual images then they need graphics, particularly illustrations that fit into social media covers.  This is like logos in that its more individualized custom work.  The positive is you can sell it for more and if they like your work it could become repeat business.

Option 7.   Icons

There are lots of uses for icons on websites and digital designs.  However, many icons are sold in packages (ie blog,  holiday,  shopping,  etc).  Unless you have a website integrated with an online shopping cart,  a Shopify, Squarespace or ecwid site you’ll be limited to creating and selling your icon designs thru sites like Envato Elements.  They’ll take a cut of the profits but it might be a place to start before you commit to an online site.

Option 8.   Illustrations

These too are like icons.  Most online websites will use either real images mixed with some graphics or heavily rely on illustrations and graphics with no images (except for bio photos).   If you become good at illustrations in Inkscape you’ll be in a small elite group of designers.  I’ve found very few online illustration sites offering their work.

Well, there you have it.  Eight options for to sell Inkscape vector art and designs.

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