Rename Your Inkscape Pattern Name

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rename inkscape patternThis is a super quick update on my last article “ Pattern Creator Tutorial With Inkscape Patterns“.  One downside of Inkscape Patterns is that when a pattern is created it randomly names the pattern with a number.  That is really inconvenient because a randomly named pattern isn’t very useful.  However if you really want to rename your pattern file to something useful it is possible although not totally easy.  I’m going to walk you through renaming an Inkscape pattern, specifically the pattern I last created in my article.  So let’s get started.

There are really only 3 steps in this process.

Rename Your Inkscape Pattern Name

  1.  Open the SVG file in Inkscape that has the pattern saved as part of the SVG.
  2.  Select any object in the file (you’re not going to change the object).  Go to the Fill and Stroke dialog box.
  3. Click on the Pattern option to see the list of default Inkscape patterns plus the pattern file that was created.  Note the name of the custom pattern file. It will be something like “patternXXXXX” where the XXXXX is a random number.Rename Your Inkscape Pattern Name Rename Your Inkscape Pattern Name
  4. Close Inkscape and open the Inkscape SVG with your favorite editor.  On Mac, I use TextEdit but on Window Notepad or Editpad should work just fine.
  5. Search for the “patternXXXXX”.  You’ll see something like this.
  6. Replace all instances of the pattern name. Change the “patternXXXXX” to a name you want.
    Rename Your Inkscape Pattern Name
  7. Save the changes to the Inkscape SVG file.
    Rename Your Inkscape Pattern Name

Now when you re-open the SVG and look at the pattern files that are there you should see the new name of your pattern.

That’s how to rename your Inkscape Pattern.

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how to rename an inkscape pattern

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