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mailchimp-vs-convertkit-reviewPicking your email service provider.

When I first started blogging I did what hundreds of other bloggers out there do, I got myself a free Mailchimp account.  Once the list is gets big enough the free account goes away.  I actually like Mailchimp but my main email provider is ConvertkitConvertkit. is unique in comparison to most email providers, because most of them use list’s for automating emails to engage subscribers.  The list is associated to an email sequence;  want to engage the subscriber in multiple sequences means possibly placing them in multiple lists.  Then I began to look for Mailchimp alternatives; I wanted easier to use features for managing and really engaging with my subscribers.  After researching Mailchimp alternatives Convertkit. to the rescue was my choice.

Now that doesn’t seem all too bad until you realize that with most providers monthly service charge is based on the total number of subscribers across all listsIf a subscriber is in multiple lists, they get added more than once towards the final count of subscribers, which costs more per month.

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Count your subscribers.

So using just lists to engage subscribers presents a bit trade off.  If only one list is used it will have to cover multiple interests (news, promos, affiliate offers etc).  The email sequence associated with the list goes to all subscribers.  However, to better engage subscriber one technique used is to have multiple lists based on interest.  The goal is to engage your subscribers with content they want.

Here’s a simple example.  Bob subscribes to  During subscription process he fills out a survey that he is interested in promos on super widgets and general widget news. That adds him to the weekly newsletter and to bi-monthly promo emails.  If 2 lists are created, one for news and the other for promos or affiliate offers, Bob as subscriber counts twice against the total number of subscribers which is use by the email provider to determine the monthly fee.

How Convertkit works differently.

Here’s where Convertkit. does it very efficiently;  they are the only provider I know of that doesn’t use a “list” and it works amazingly well.

Convertkit. uses “segments” (aka think groups) and “tags” to manage subscribers.  It’s a really flexible and a powerful way to segment and engage subscriber based on their interests.

A simple example demonstrates the difference.

Let’s go back to Bob.  With Convertkit., Bob is just one subscriber.  He may have subscribed to, but sending promo’s on purchase of super widgets has higher probably of enticing Bob to buy then just another subscriber that want to read the newsletter.  Bob’s interests are remembered by using Convertkit. tags and link triggers with segments.   One way would be to add tag’s to Bob subscriber email address.  The tags could be as simple as “news” and “super-widget”.   The automation rule(s) use tags applied to Bob’s email, forms Bob subscribed to and link triggers Bob clicked on to decide the email sequence(s) that Bob gets.  And one of a kind broadcast emails can go to segments (aka groups of subscribers) that Bob is a part of. It’s a really flexible and powerful method of managing subscribers according to their interests with the goal of higher engagement because they get exactly what they are looking for.

How Link Triggers Make It Easy To Engage Readers

Convertkit. isn’t as well known as some email providers.  It doesn’t have the extensive drag n drop email templates like Mailchimp.  However, getting interesting content that  your subscribers want is goal.  While pretty templates are great, content rules.  Convertkit. does this with amazing flexibility.

Let’s look further at how to determine the subscriber’s interest with Convertkit..  It’s super easy to do with link triggers associated with interest statements or sentences.

For example.  here’s a sample email with a polite survey can tag the subscriber according to their interests.   It goes something like this.

Survey emails engage readers.

Hi  (subscriber_name),

Thanks for joining!  We’re pretty stoked your apart of our community. Our goal is to make sure you get exactly what you want. So could you take a minute or two and tell us what is most important to you.  Click on the link you’re most interested in.

(Now create a Convertkit. link trigger for each statement going to the same thank you page (click is demo) but each statement has a different Convertkit. tag.  A) tag=newsletter  B) tag=affiliate-offers  C) tag=sale-offers   D) tag=service)

  • I want learn about widget.

  • I want to learn more super widgets.

  • I’m interested in widget promo deals.

  • I need help fixing widgets.

Thanks for letting us know what you like.

-The Widget-plus team

Now you have better information about Bob and can taylor what email sequence Bob gets.  If you send further emails to Bob about different topic and Bob clicks on other links you’ve created you can continue to tag and segment Bob according to the email sequences and automation you’ve set up to engage with Bob.

Flexibility Makes This Mailchimp Alternative Amazing.

That’s just one reason Convertkit. is so flexible and why it is one of the best Mailchimp alternatives.  It doesn’t cost you anything extra because Bob is still only consider as one subscriber in multiple segment (aka groups) with multiple tags.

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mailchimp versus convertkit- email service provider review

Mailchimp Alternatives - Convertkit To The Rescue

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