List of Niches – Niche Brainstorming

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List-of-niche-ideas-iBefore you start building your blog you need a niche.  That specific topic or passion you will promote.  If you don’t know what you want as your niche idea then it’s good to take time and research different topics you might be interested in. Most new bloggers research their topic(s) to see which one they should pick.

Find Niche With A Little Research

Plus, if you’re serious about having a website, and you’re serious about making it profitable, researching your niche before you start will validate your “niche”. You want a blog that people are interested in. Knowing there is interest is a good idea before you go to work building it.

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Since there’s a million hobbies out there, there’s a million potential topics.

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In fact I remember one particular article I read said something like “take a pad of paper and walk around listing ideas over a couple of days that interest you”. Then review the list and pick the top 3 and research them to see if there is enough online interest to pursue the niche. Another tip that stuck with me was to keep the niche focused so you better engage with subscribers through social media and search engines.

Make A List Of Niches You Like

You don’t need some fancy niche list generation just think about “niche” topics that you are passionate or interested in. It may be something that you are skilled at and at the end of the day it should be fun to work on. Realistically you want something you can spend hours doing or thinking about so its never feels like work. That’s more important than you might realize. One way to narrow down your choices is to make a list of interests and experiences.

List of Niches - Niche Brainstorming

Maybe there is an area that overlaps between what you are interested in and what you have experienced.  That overlap could end up being a fantastic niche for you. It’s important not to rush this because you want a niche you feel comfortable with. Don’t try to sit down in one evening and come up with the perfect niche idea.  You’ll probably end up frustrated.

Instead, make your potential “blog” list of niches. Set it aside and come back to it over a couple of days.  Refine it. Research it.  See if there are websites, user forums or social media sites dedicated to it.  That can confirm whether your niche is viable.

I’ve seen blogs and websites on anything and everything from dogs to beauty to sports to remodeling trains. Yup, had a friend who was a volunteer to remodel a real life steam engine and they built a website about their efforts.

Ultimately, I’m not going to tell you to walk around for 3 days with pen and paper but it might help to set a timer for 30 – 45 minutes and list all your interests and skills.  From those lists you should be able to find 1 or 2 niches that you could talk about for hours on end.

If you struggle with niche ideas and how to brainstorm possible niches, you can use my “List of niches – Niche Brainstorming Start List”.

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List of Niches - Niche Brainstorming

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