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Learn GIMP fast.  Learn how to use the practical GIMP techniques for blog graphic designs and social media needs.

Hey, You might be using other editors but keep reading to find out why you benefit by adding GIMP to your editing tool arsenal.

It's worth knowing once you see the benefits.

Learn Gimp Fast- Practical GIMP

Use GIMP for

your Visual content creation Needs

There are pricy alternatives to GIMP and there are free online editors.  You don't need pricy. The super popular online ones are missing several important features that GIMP has and that you could really benefit from.

Want to LEARN GIMP FAST.  Now you can.  Just sign up.

Learn Gimp Fast- Practical GIMP

Learn GIMP basics (i.e. like adding brushes/patterns and scripts).

Learn Gimp Fast- Practical GIMP

Get step by step guides and video. Follow along to make your designs

Learn Gimp Fast- Practical GIMP

Build with free resources.  See how easy it is to create.

Learn Gimp Fast- Practical GIMP

Access anywhere, anytime as often as you need.

Get the knowledge you want.


Great Tool


Learning Modules


Useful Resources

Learn fast by doing.

Here's why you benefit from this course.

Each lesson focuses on GIMP for a specific purpose. Practice what you learn while creating.

It's a great way to get up to speed on using GIMP, specifically for creating online content that you couldn't do any other way.

Each of 7 modules has multiple lessons with examples and video you can follow.  

Step by step instruction and video guide you.

You want to learn GIMP fast. Now you can. You just have to sign up. 

The Best Way to Learn

Skip Pricy Alternatives

Skip the pricy monthly subscriptions.  Why pay a monthly fee when you can use GIMP to create and edit your images.

Create While Learning

Learn by editing ebooks, logos, and images. Remove backgrounds, distort text and more. Create while learning.

Learn On Your Schedule

Learn at your pace when you have time. Anytime from anywhere.  Learn GIMP fast and benefit from what you learn.

This course is for you if:

You need to create or blend images, convert files, re-color graphics or add brand colors, remove backgrounds, make ebook covers, curve or distort text or images and add special effects, and more.

These are benefits to creating engaging content for your blog graphic, website design and social media content.

While online editors are fantastic, some things just can't be done with them.  At least not with many of the free ones available today.  

While you can still use your favorite online editor the added benefits of using GIMP will make your content stand out.

Learn Gimp Fast- Practical GIMP
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