Install GIMP Brushes On Mac

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Install Gimp Brushes Mac

I needed to install GIMP brushes on my Mac for a fantasy map project I’m working on. Since DeviantArt has amazing resources I looked through the available brushes and found the perfect ones I wanted to use. There may be other GIMP brush resources out there but DeviantArt has really amazing resources. Since I found exactly what I was looking for I didn’t really look any further. In this article, I want to share how to install GIMP brushes on Mac. There are a ton of articles and Youtubes for installing GIMP brushes on Windows and Linux but I rarely find specifics for Macbook so I’m sharing what I’m doing in case any other Mac users need this tutorial. This is a rather short article since adding brushes to GIMP on Mac is straightforward.

My step by step process for adding brushes to GIMP is basic. Find the brushes, download them and then add to GIMP. The steps are quick and easy. It might take you longer to find the type of brushes you want than to actually add the brushes to GIMP. This should be relatively the same even if you’re not using GIMP 2.10 which is the version I’m currently running.

Install GIMP Brushes On Mac

Step 1- Find and download the GIMP brushes or abr files you want to install.

First, since I’m making a fantasy map in GIMP I need GIMP brushes for things like mountains, forests, castles and such. That’s where DeviantArt is perfect. Here’s a couple of screenshots of the brushes I’m going to install.

Step 2- Open Finder and go to Applications

Step 3- Right-click the GIMP app and choose “Open package contents”.

Using Finder On Mac To Locate Gimp Brushes Folder

Step 4- Browse to the GIMP Brushes in Finder -> Applications > GIMP > Contents > Resources > share > gimp > 2.0 > brushes.

Gimp Brushes Folder On Ma

Step 5. Drag and drop the brush abr file or files into the brushes folder then go back to GIMP.

Step 6. Open the brushes dockable dialog and view the new brushes that are now added and available in GIMP.

In this last step, I’ve seen instructions for Windows that indicate the brushes just automatically show up. That didn’t exactly happen for me; I had to close and re-open GIMP to get the new brushes.

It’s that easy. Now you can install any GIMP brushes you need for your next project or design.

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Gimp Brushes On Mac

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