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If you’ve ever wondered whether you could take your Inkscape vector illustrations and create sellable wall art I’ve got the perfect way to do that. And you can customize it to make it personalized for the occasion. Platforms like Etsy, Redbubble, and Amazon sell wall art but I only see personalized versions on Etsy. What I discovered on Etsy is how much the people who purchase personalized gifts love them. I think personalized wall art is kind of like print on demand T-shirts and mugs except the digital designs are used for posters, wall decor, plaques, photo gifts and more. Because I was looking for gift ideas for my family and friends I started dabbling with how to create printable wall art using Inkscape custom layouts. I was surprised when I found out how easy it is to create or sell printable wall art using Inkscape templates as mockup layouts.

Inkscape is the perfect tool to create these layouts in the exact sizes needed for professional printing. As a bonus I discovered how to crop the Inkscape vector images into fun shapes to fit into my custom layout or Inkscape template. Once the template is made I can use it over and over again to create personalized framed wall art for family or friend gifts. In fact, creating Inkscape templates is an easy way to make wall art display templates that can be used for a variety of items.

Because I live in the US I wanted to take advantage of the using standard photo and picture frame sizes to make it easier to print, mount, or frame the design. I’ve written a previous article about creating custom calendars so I’m familiar with using local and online professional print shops. And I love the prints created with mat-board or foam-core. In particular I think the ones that have a raised edge really are easy to turn into wall art decor with out the hassle of getting a picture frame. And because the print is laminated to the mat-board or raised foam-core backing, the finished printable is very durable. It makes a really nice gift. If you’re not familiar with this concept, here’s a screenshot of what I think makes for an easy to hang printable. (This is courtesy of Officedepot.) The furthest right image has a small lip and it’s a great way to display your custom printable.

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While most print shops let you upload an image and create your printable wall art, you can really make it unique and personalized similar to what I’ve seen that is selling online. Those items include small graphic elements, text in the form of a quote, meme, or personalized information. This type of printable is great as Nana gifts, wedding photo gifts, mom’s day or dad’s day gifts or any other personal gift you can think of. Because the images can be printed and personalized in sizes as large as a poster or as small as single photo, it’s important to properly layout where the image and custom element will be placed. That’s best done using a Inkscape template or mockup layout that exactly places each element so that when it’s printed it looks evenly spaced.

This is where Inkscape shines as a graphic design tool to create mockup layouts or templates. I quickly decided on my three sizes of printables: large 20 x 16″, medium 16 x12″, and small 10 x 8″. Because I live in the USA I’m using English units but with Inkscape it certainly possible to convert those to pixels and then convert to metric picture sizes as well. Resizing the Inkscape templates is a quick click and drag operation. Once I set the overall size, I went to work creating and spacing the individual elements. The image or picture area of each layout style was also set to a standard photo or picture frame size, making it easy to create an overall uniform and proportionally designed printable that could be used over and over for a variety of designs.

If you’d like to see how I use these layouts to create printable you can check out my Youtube video below. If you’re interested in making your own custom printables to sell you can download my custom layouts, both the PNG templates and the original SVG files here. Or if you have your own cool ideas for custom printables using Inkscape templates you can use my video to help you get started.

Here’s the video.

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Creating personalize Inkscape wall decor using Inkscape templates

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