Inkscape Logo Designer Mini-Series

Create Cool Logos, Print-On-Demand and Text Designs for anything!
Hundreds of designs in 3 easy steps.

Create your text design in minutes, not hours.

Using Inkscape with 1 printable PDF guide & 24 different SVG filter files. 


Select the SVG file with the pre-configured filter effect you want to use.


Type in your text. Pick your colors, font style, and font size.


Export your text design as PNG or JGP. Save the SVG with new name to re-use.​

3 Steps, 24 pre-configure SVGs, 1 printable pdf = hundreds of designs

While Inkscape is free, I've solved that for you.

Course Curriculum

Go through the course in about 4 hours and come back to view as often as you need. Access course updates for free.​

24 Filters, unlimited font choices, colors and size

The easiest way you’ll ever see to quickly make logos, text headers, print-on-demand text designs and more. (Free Inkscape software non-included found at

Inkscape Logo Designer Mini-Series

1 Printable PDF, 24 Pre-config’d SVGs, Video Demo & Instruction
$24   (for 24 pre-configured SVG files) One time price (free updates)

You could probably figure this out with a lot of time and patience....

I created this because I spent several weeks working with Inkscape Filters. Most filters are applied to images. So, I spent time testing filters with text. Now let me save you time. Get started with the pre-configured filter SVGs

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