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Effortlessly create cool text effects with Inkscape filter effects.

Create in seconds logos, headers, any text you need to stand out


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Easy to use quick guide PDF. Add cool text effects using Inkscape filters! 

Quickly modify text Inkscape filters to make eye-catching text effects.

<p”>Simple steps listed to easily modify the filter. Add in your colors, fonts and text.</p”>

24 Filter effects shown with listed fonts used.

What You Get 

Easy to use, easy to understand

Quick reference of Inkscape filter effects.

Exact Settings To Modify 24 Inkscape Filters Easily In Seconds!

Easily apply the filter on text using the listed parameter settings in the table for each filter.

Change colors, font family, size and actual wording for your needs.

Instructions Provided

A table listing the parameters to modify for each filter effect applied to text with .

Recreate the special effect on any text, font and color combination easily and repeatably.

Save hours of testing. 

Create the text effect by changing the filter parameters in seconds.

Instructions show how to modify a filter with example. 

Create logos, headers for blog, web or print in seconds!

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Why This Quick Guide Will Save You Hours Of Time:

I made this quick guide because I got tired spending hours re-creating the filter effects I wanted.

This document contains the best Inkscape filter effects that I’ve tested with text.

Once you get the hang of how to modify the default filter variables, create your own color, text and font combinations! There’s literally hundreds of different combinations to make it unique.

By using this PDF, you’ll save hours of testing filters.

Quickly learn what you can do to make amazing special effects with text in seconds.

Using filters as is just doesn’t make great looking text, but with the changes I show you can create some amazing special effects with text in seconds.

Once you get the hang of how to tweak the filter parameters, you can create your own unique combination of color, text and font using any of the filters.

Create eye-catching special effects with text.

Learn to use Inkscape filters with text in minutes and not days or hours.

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