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Inkscape comes with many filters that have pre-configured effects which can be applied to text or graphics.  Most filters work best with text when modified from the original defaults.  

Think of all the text designs you use online:

Logos, Banners & Headers

You can make text logos from any of the 24 filters in minutes. Simply add the logo name, pick your color, font and size. Walla! You're done.


Got a personal project? Like to craft, cricut or scrapbook. Make text designs in a breeze with Inkscape filters.

TEXT OVerlays On Graphics

Need a beautiful text banner or header? It's easy. Replace the placeholder

Text Designs

Whether you're needing text designs or selling them, these filter will help you create faster and easier than ever.

PROMO OFFER! The bundle is normally $24 BUT you can get the PDF guide and 24 filter SVG files right now for $5! This promo is only good until the timer ends! 

Make Your Text POP with Inkscape Filters.

What Is This Inkscape Filter Bundle?

It’s an easy to read printable PDF guide plus a zip file of 24 SVGs (one SVG per filter effect). Pick a filter from the PDF, open the corresponding SVG and create your text design!

Use these Inkscape filters to make eye-catching designs for whatever you need.

Simple steps listed to easily modify the filter. Add in your colors, fonts, font size and replace the placeholder text with yours.

24 Filter effects shown with listed fonts used.

Each Filter SVG is pre-set for one of 24 filters. 

Use them with the Inkscape Filter Quick Guide; make your text designs quickly. 

Simply open the SVG modify the default text with yours, change color(s) or font-family and you’re done!

Each SVG is named for the filter and has the exact pre-set parameters you need.

Follow the Inkscape Filter Quick Guide if you need additional information.;

What You GET

Easy to use, easy to understand

Printable PDF of Inkscape filter effect settings for 24 filter effects.

Exact Settings To Modify 24 Inkscape Filters Easily In Seconds!

Easily apply the filter with your text using the listed parameters for each filter.

Change colors, font family, size and text for your needs.

24 SVG files – One for each filter effect.

Makes it easy to use and easy to change settings.

Instructions Provided

A printable PDF with the exact settings each filter effect demo’d.

Add the special effect to text; change font and colors quickly.

Save hours of tweaking filter effects.

Instructions and Video show how to modify a filter with example.

Create logos, headers for blog, web or print in seconds!

This is a digital product

Click on the link to receive an email with a download link to your digital file.

NOTE: You need the FREE INKSCAPE software installed to use these SVG files.  (INKSCAPE software is not provided here. Go to Inkscape.org to get it.)


PROMO OFFER! The bundle is normally $24 BUT you can get the PDF guide and 24 filter SVG files right now for $5! This promo is only good until the timer ends! 

Frequently asked questions

You get: 1)  1 zipped file containing 24 SVG files, one SVG for each Inkscape Filter, 2) a printable PDF showing the pertinent filter settings for each filter, 3) a demonstration video showing you how to modify the filters with your text, color etc.  

Since this is a digital product, once you paid you receive a downloadable file.  Simply unzip the file to get the PDF and 24 Inkscape filter SVGs.  Plus you’ll receive access to the demonstration video.

To use the SVG files, you need to have installed a copy of Inkscape on you PC or laptop.  Inkscape is free software that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.  You can get a copy of it at Inkscape.org

Due to the nature of this being a digital download, I can’t offer you refunds at this time.

I’m happy to answer questions about the filter files and how to use them.  I even blog about how to add more fonts to Inkscape here if you’re interested.  I don’t support Inkscape installation on your PC or laptop.

Why This Bundle Will Save You Hours Of Time:

While the quick guide shows the filter settings, I found saving the filter in an SVG made it even faster and easier create text.  I open the SVG, add my text, colors and font then save the result. Pretty darn easy.

I originally made this quick guide and the SVG files because I got tired of creating the filter effects I wanted and then trying to remember exactly what I did days or weeks later.  I suddenly realized how useful it would be for others who wanted to quickly make text designs in Inkscape.

This document contains the best Inkscape filter effects that work with text. Once you get the hang of how to modify the default filter variables you can create your own combinations of color and filter.

With this, you’ll save hours of tweaking the filters and can focus on creating unique special effects with text in seconds.

Using filters as is doesn’t make great special effect text, but with these pre-settings, you’ll create amazing text easily.

Using this, you can create your own unique combination of color, text and font using any of the filters.

Use this to make your text logos, headers, text on images, designs and crafts quickly.

Skip the learning curve and just start using Inkscape filters with text.

PROMO OFFER! The bundle is normally $24 BUT you can get the PDF guide and 24 filter SVG files right now for $5! This promo is only good until the timer ends! 

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