Create Cool Text Fonts Effortlessly

Create stunning cool letters, cool text art or cool fancy text for any design need.

Use these Inkscape Filter SVGs –
just add your text, font and colors.

While Inkscape is free, I've solved that for you.

Here's Why These SVG Files Are So Handy:

Benefit #1

Skip commercial software like Adobe that takes time to learn. Skip text generator websites with limited fonts.

Create fancy text fonts, stylish letter and cool letter designs with any fonts you want to use.  

Benefit #2

All you needed to do is add your text, font and color to a Inkscape filter file and save the result?

Create totally cool text designs in minutes instead of hours.

Benefit #3

Make  unique customized designs by picking different combinations of font, color & filter. 

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 Using different colors and fonts with 24 filters gives you hundreds of designs easily created in minutes.

How Much Time Do You Have?

I'd seen a lot of articles on using Inkscape filters with images but hadn't run accross any decent info on using them with text. And when I first tried them as is with text the results did not produce useable text designs, so I spent a couple of weeks tinkering and customizing the filters for text. You can do this too if you've got the time and want to tinker. But if you just want to use Inkscape filters you'll find these filter SVGs incredibly handy.

No Time To Waste
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What You Get:

Printable PDF

One easy to use printable PDF showing the settings for each filter that creates cool text designs. In minutes, create a variety of cool letters with Inkscape filters.

24 SVG Pre-configured Files

24 SVG files, one for each filter to make it super easy to use and recreate time and time again.

Pick the effect, use the SVG, add your text, font and color. Save the file. You’re done. It’s that easy.

Video Demo & Instruction

3 Easy lessons with video instruction to help you get started.

Use your favorite fonts and colors to your hearts content, making the text look unique.


Okay, it sounds good right?

But will this really work for you?

Here’s how you do this in just 3 steps:

1 - Pick a filter, open the SVG

Just select the filter effect you want to use and open the file in Inkscape.

Filter Effects
Filter Example

2 - Pick your font and size the text as large or small as you want.

Try fonts you like. The hard work is done for you. That’s the power of Inkscape filters.

3 - Add your colors and export the PNG file.

Try fonts you like. The hard work is done for you. That’s the power of Inkscape filters.
Filter Example Design

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with this?

24 Filter SVG files
1 Printable PDF
Instruction videos

How do I get access?

You access the course via web browser but you should have the free Inkscape software installed from as you need the Inkscape for opening and modifying the SVG files.

How long do I have access?

For the life of the course.

Are there refunds?

No. These courses are online digital and not refundable. For more information check out the Refund policy.

What Support Is Offered?

The course is self-paced; login or billing issues for any course can be directed to support @ Questions about installing free Inkscape software should be directed to

Course Outline

Check out the mini-course outline and learn to use Inkscape Filters!