Install Inkscape Dark Theme For Mac Easily

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Install Inkscape Dark Theme For Mac EasilyEasily switch the Inkscape theme on Mac OS.  The 0.92 version of Inkscape on Mac, it actually comes with several choices of theme.  The theme file called gktrc is located for each version.  It’s simply a find, replace and restart procedure.  However, if you want the popular “Inkscape dark theme” then you’ll have to do a bit extra.  I think the dark theme is easier and allows better focus on the graphic being created.  Although this is geared towards Windows or Ubuntu users, it is quite straightforward for Mac too.  So let’s take a quick look at how to change the Inkscape theme.

Available Inkscape Themes

All currently available Inkscape Themes for Mac are located in /contents/resources/share/themes.  You’ll notice as of this writing I have seven themes (Adwaita, Clearlooks, HighContrast, Inkdustrial, Raleigh, Redmond, and ThinIce.  Except for Highcontrast I didn’t see a huge difference between any of them.  Each has its own “gktrc” file which is the theme file needed.  If you want to try these themes you simply replace the gktrc file from the theme you want to test with the gktrc file that is the default.

It’s a 2 step process.

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Open another Finder window.  In Applications, locate the Inkscape App and right click then select “Show Package Contents”.  The default theme is in the /contents/resources/etc/gtk-2.0 directory/folder.  Right-click the gktrc file, select copy and paste the copy in a safe location so that if you want to revert to it you can.



In the same Finder window locate the extra theme files under /contents/resources/share/Themes…..

Right-click the gktrc file in the Theme you want to test from the appropriate share directory and copy it into the /contents/resources/etc/gtk-2.0 folder overwriting the default theme file.

inkscape extra themes
inkscape extra themes location

Restart Inkscape.

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Install the Inkscape Dark Theme On Mac

First you’ll need the Archiver App;  I got it off of the App Store so I wouldn’t have to mess with my security settings (you know the complaint Mac gives when opening from an “unidentified developer”.

Step 1- Get TheArchiver App

Get the Archiver installed.  It will unzip the Zip file and extract the .exe that will have the dark theme.  Mac’s regular unzip utility can’t do this.

Step 2 – Download the Inkscape Dark Theme

Go download a copy of the dark theme.  Thanks to DeviantArt you can get a copy >>>> Inkscape Dark Theme .

Step 3 – Unzip the Inkscape Dark Theme

inkscape dark theme install

Install Inkscape Dark Theme For Mac Easily
Unzip-Inkscape-Dark-Theme-Zip-File Inkscape_dark_theme_unzipped_folder

Unzip the downloaded file to access the four .exe files.  (Right click, open with…) Note in this step you can unzip with the default Mac Archive ultility and that will work.

Step 4.  Unzip the appropriate exe file.


Install Inkscape Dark Theme For Mac Easily

dark theme gtkrc mac
inkscape-dark-theme-exe-unzip-with-unarchiver-app navigate-to-dark-theme-inscape-file-needed-for-mac

Using Unarchiver unzip either the 32-bit or 64-bit .exe.  (Right click, open with….)  After the exe is unzipped, navigate to the share/themes/default directory.  A file called gktrc is the file needed to modify Inkscape to use the dark theme.

Step 5 Find the current Inkscape Theme File

Open another Finder window.  In Applications, locate the Inkscape App and right click then select “Show Package Contents”.

find the dark theme gtkrc file

Step 6.  Replace the Inkscape Theme File With The Dark Theme

Replace the gtkrc file in Inkscape with the gtkrc file extracted in Step 4.

Optional Steps To Add Flat Icons To Inkscape

Step 7 Find the Icon Folder

Using the already open window to “show package contents” navigation to the contents/resources/icons directory.  Inside the folder is an icons.svg file.

Step 8 Replace the icons.svg file

dark theme svg icons mac

Using the extracted exe files from above, find the icons.svg file

Replace the icons.svg file

inkscape dark theme on mac


Now close and restart Inkscape.  You should now have the Inkscape dark theme installed on mac.

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