Reset Default Inkscape Settings – 3 Steps

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Reset Default Inkscape Settings - 3 StepsInkscape is one of the best free open source editors to use for creating, editing and photoshopping amazing visual content. But it can be challenging to learn the nuances of this wonderful editor. One of the first items I learned was how to reset Inkscape to default settings. I’d gotten myself into a bit of a bind with some of the configurations I’d done with some Inkscape filters and objects. While I could have undone my configuration, I was in a hurry and didn’t want to backtrack out of the changes. I just wanted a quick way to reset Inkscape to the default settings. My problem was that I use a Mac and not Windows; there seems to be a lot more help available for Windows users than Mac users.

I found an easy solution. Here’s the quick reset method I used but be sure that Inkscape is shutdown or closed when you do this.

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Method #1 Mac Terminal: Reset Inkscape Defaults

1. Open a terminal window. 2. Change directory to /Users/yourhomefolder/.config/Inkscape 3. Delete the preferences.xml

Method #2 Finder: Restore Inkscape To Default Settings.

You could browse to this but you might need to unhide hidden folders and files on Mac; that could depend on your version of OS as I haven’t tested this much. However, on High Sierra, it does also work.

Browse to your hard-drive device. Click it to open.

Color List Fb
preference file - browse-to-inkscape-directory

Since the .config will be hidden from view by default the easy method is to use Finder. On the Finder menu, Click the “Go” and select “Go to folder” and search for “/Users/your-home-directory/.config/Inkscape”. It should open up to the Inkscape directory where you can right-click the preferences.xml file and delete it.

inkscape preference file location mac

Once your re-open Inkscape the preference.xml file will be recreated with Inkscape defaults.

It’s that straightforward.

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Reset Default Inkscape Settings - 3 Steps

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