Great Looking Featured Images Shared Across Social Media

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social media image size cheatsheetWhen I first started building my blog I didn’t think about what size my featured images should be or even consider making them the same size.  However, I discovered that creating a standard size image that meets social media requirements is a good choice. Using a social media image size makes it simpler to share, schedule and post content.  It may not seem obvious at first, but similarly sized featured images are more efficient in that respect.

For example, I create my featured image for Pinterest and then resize it for any other social media channels I post to.  It is a little extra work up front that pays off down the road.  Of course, that requires knowledge of image size(s) for each social media channel I post on.  By planning, sizing and creating my images the same way each time I save re-work.  Yes, some additional images in each post are unique sizes, but the feature image is always the same size.

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

The point is to promote content by using interesting featured images shared to social media. So how do I know what image sizes to use to make great looking featured images that I can share?  That’s pretty challenging at times; especially since every social media network has slightly different requirements.

Create a 1200 x 630 pixel image for Facebook and then post it on Pinterest.  It will be cropped funny because Pinterest requires 735 x 1102 image.  As a comparison, the same image will look different on Instagram because it requires 1080 x 1080, although I’ve discovered that if I share the Instagram 1080 x 1080 on Facebook it still looks perfect.

Unfortunately, there is no standard image size across social media.  So as painful as that is, you may decide as I did, to just create the correct size image for each social media network you participate in.

Great Looking Featured Images Shared Across Social Media

Get my list of the image sizes required by each social media network in a handy electronic pdf cheatsheet table. It’s easy to read and comes in handy to quickly find the perfect size for each social media network. It’s free for subscribers along with all my free blogger resource printables to make creating your blog graphics faster and easier than ever before.


At the end of each post or page, Social Warfare adds an area to upload the correct size image for Facebook or Pinterest.  Plus pre-configured titles and descriptions promote those images when they are shared.  You can even add custom Tweets.  What a perk.

Social Warfare Post Configuration

 Social Warfare plugin for managing your WordPress blog posts on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter Social Warfare plugin for managing your WordPress blog posts on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter

Social Warfare works great with images for Facebook and Pinterest, but it also provides sharing buttons on social media channels like Google+, Tumblr, Reddit, Linkedin, and others.  That makes your content available on many other channels.   The setup is as simple as dragging and dropping the social networks you want to allow your readers to share your content to.

Social Warfare Drag N Drop Share Buttons

Great Looking Featured Images Shared Across Social Media

So this plugin rocks for me. I really like it and I wanted to share.  I’m a firm fan of Social Warfare.  The free version is available thru the WordPress repository, but you may decide the pro version is really worth the fee. Get Social Warfare here.

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social media image size quick reference

Great Looking Featured Images Shared Across Social Media

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