10 Graphic Design Tips With Text That Catch Attention

Creating attractive, eye-catching graphics and images is straightforward with these graphic design tips for beginners. The goal is to make your text look good with your images and graphics while promoting your message or call to action.  Oh wait. you thought this was just about graphics. It’s not, because the graphics for your website and social media should be about your message or call to action, especially if you’re trying to sell your services or products. If you’re a photographer or artist then your focus is really on your images in your portfolio. Still, you’ll need a few images with text for sales pages. In that case, the following 10 graphic design tips will apply in that situation.

Creating the best combination of text and graphics is important; you want the first impression to catch attention and pique curiosity.  The best practices for good graphic design using text with images incorporate simple techniques and a bit of common sense. Using the best way to merge and blend text into images can reinforce a compelling message or call to action. Every business wants that because it generates interest and ultimately engages with potential clients. These essential graphic design tips will help create a strong call to action message to match your images; that’s good news because it will help your message stand out better.

It’s not the exact wording that’s important; it’s how to incorporate text in the image for the best result.  Putting text on a graphic is basically a form of copywriting. Granted it’s probably easier than most copywriting tasks since the graphic uses less text than say a sales page. Still that short sweet message needs to be seen and read for any positive result to occur.

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In the examples I created below, I used FREE resources.  You can use whatever you have available. (If you’d like more tips on how to create branded images and graphics for you business and social media just sign up and get more tips and techniques.)

The best way to start is to decide on a title or slogan, think call to action, to go with the image.  Once you’ve got the image and the title or wording, take a look at the 10 tips below.

Tip 1 – Text that relates to the image.

The text needs to relate to what the graphic is about. Here’s something fictional I’ve put together to show how a picture and text message can complement and reinforce each other.  While this seems obvious, but I’ve seen graphics and text together that make no sense.

Tip 2 – Add a call to action.

If you use a call to action to make it clear what the reader should do. Say it clearly.  Again, another image I’ve used with a text message and call to action button.  Easy to do with the right image and text.  Your call to action should be engaging.

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Tip 3 – Use keywords in your alt tags

Text with searchable keywords that relate to the graphic is best and that includes the alt text that goes with the graphic.  If you need a handy and easy to use tool to find keywords that you can use check out my favorite which is Mangools Keyword Finder. The alt text is an attribute that provides a description of an image file. In this case, the alt text is the description of the graphic for visitors who can’t see images in their browsers. But the alt text is also an important SEO metric and is used by search engines. So be sure to have searchable alt text associated with your image.

Tip 4 – Use easy to read complementary font pairs.

The text font should be easy to read whether on plain or image backgrounds, especially on mobile devices. Don’t let text “disappear” on the graphic or the message will never be seen. While script fonts (calligraphy style) look beautiful in print or on products, they can be hard to read on mobile so make sure what you use is truly readable. Use your brand fonts; if you don’t have brand fonts you should select them asap.  Check out my article on complementary fonts or subscribe and get my 30 complementary font guide.

Tip 5 – Contrast text to highlight your message.

Use contrast to highlight text. Light text on dark backgrounds or dark text on bright light backgrounds.

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Tip 6 – Text as part of the image.

With simple images and short text, you can make text part of the image. The result flows together.

Tip 7 – Text that flows in the image and doesn’t block

Make text “flow” on the graphic. If possible the text should not cover key parts of the image; it should fit logically into the image and complement it as I’ve been trying to point out with previous images.

Tip 8 – Blurring parts of the image to focus on the text message.

Although it’s best to keep images clear, there are situations where blurring images (all or part) can perfectly complement the message. Done right it’s similar in effect to a colored overlay to highlight the text.

Tip 9 – Overlay shapes with text on “busy” images.

When using a “busy” image, text in an overlay shape like a square, rectangle or circle will catch the eye.  Notice in this example I’ve colored the text to match the image colors.  It makes it look as if the text was “cut out” of the square.  The lower menu uses light text on a dark background just like the dark text on light backgrounds will similarly be easy to read while standing out. This is like tip 5.

Tip 10 – Use different text colors to emphasize.

Make parts of the text different colors just like you’d highlight or boldface parts of a sentence.  The duo colored text will help emphasize your message.  Whenever possible use your brand colors when you do this.


Enough said and created. You got this.

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10 graphic design tips
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