Responsive WordPress Themes Part 3- CyberChimp Theme Review- Easiest Responsive Theme For Beginners

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cyberchimp theme review- why use cyberchimpIn a recent article “3 Customizable WordPress Themes – Easy WP Web Design For Beginners” I covered 3 of my “go-to” WordPress Themes.  I refer to them as “go to”, because they work well for me, are popular and have solid support.  Most new to WordPress are looking for a easy versatile theme.

CyberChimp Theme Review

In this 3 part series, I discuss why I think each merits the “Good Responsive WordPress Themes” title. Here in part 3, I discuss why CyberChimps popular Responsive theme is a great choice for non-techie beginners learning WordPress.

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While WordPress in general is much easier to understand then Joomla or Drupal it still can require learning the basics of html, css and php in some cases.   While small changes in font or color might not be difficult at all, many bloggers may not want to learn even that basic CSS.  Plus, customizing a home page to look unique can be intimidating for some.

Why use CyberChimp Theme?

The question of what goes on home page and where is very flexible requiring an understanding of banners, sliders, sections, columns and general layout.

That’s where I think Cyberchimp’s Responsive and Responsive Mobile Theme’s shine and make it the easiest theme for WordPress beginners to use.

The pre-customized layout allows building a blog or website very straightforward and makes creating a unique stylish and responsive home page much easier.   Simply fill in the predefined area’s and widgets with images, services or contact information and a beautiful site comes alive.

Cyberchimp offers both free and paid versions.  Granted the free version does have the ease of changing colors and font but a really good looking site can still be made.  Support is responsive although it now requires a subscription service.

I wish I’d found this when I first started because one of the things new bloggers have to learn is how to layout their blog.  If you don’t have any idea at all where to start this is a good theme because all you do is fill in the home page widget.  Not to hard to do which makes it easier than most themes.

However, if you know what you want exactly then I’d suggest reading my other articles on good themes.  If you’re ok with a little css code then Studiopress is a great choice;  if you want flexibility and still have easy customization than my absolute favorite is Generatepress.

Check out my articles on both:

Studiopress Genesis Review

Generatepress Theme Review

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Responsive Wordpress Themes Part 3- CyberChimp Theme Review- Easiest Responsive Theme For Beginners

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