Good Responsive WordPress Themes Part 2- 5 Awesome Reasons To Love The GeneratePress WP Theme

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generatepress-theme-reviewHere’s is one of the easiest themes for beginners and non-coders alike.  In fact, it’s my theme of choice because of the flexibility built-in. While getting good responsive WordPress themes seems easy, there’s a ton of themes to choose from.  Importantly, the key is finding an easy to use, eye-catching and versatile theme and that’s where Generatepress excels.

GeneratePress is one of those really nice, stylish customizable themes that provides great features, solid support, and optimal performance.

Good Responsive Wordpress Themes Part 2- 5 Awesome Reasons To Love The GeneratePress WP ThemeGood Responsive Wordpress Themes Part 2- 5 Awesome Reasons To Love The GeneratePress WP Theme

Here are just 5 awesome reasons to love the GeneratePress WP theme.

#1 Lightweight

There’s always debate about themes that come with drag ‘n drop builders.  These builders are popular because many bloggers aren’t interested in coding.

No surprise.  It takes a lot of time to get good at coding from scratch.  More importantly, blogger and web owners focus on content, not coding.  Still, everyone wants a great looking website.

A drag n drop builder is seen as a way to create a stylish site without coding.  Some themes have that the builder built-in.  The problem arises when the theme becomes so loaded supporting code for the builder and features that the resulting website loads at the speed of growing grass.

GeneratePress has avoided that pitfall.  While GP doesn’t have a drag n drop builder, it’s super easy to configure and that is an understatement. GP maintains a lightweight framework which allows this theme to perform well for both blogger and end-user.

#2 Intuitive

Understanding where and how to configure a theme should be intuitive. Let’s face it. Most prefer a short how-to video or an easy to understand “checkbox- dropdown- fill-in-the-blank” menu versus reading dry documentation.

The theme configuration settings of GP are really intuitive, and the customizer menus are easy to understand.  Simple dropdown, sliders, and selections make using the theme a snap. Plus, the short video’s available showing each feature are available on GP’s site. (Documentation is available for those so inclined.)

The main theme customization is broken into standard sections.  Clicking on each slide open a new menu of choices.  It’s simple to go thru each adding, color, font, sizes and details.  Plus, how the site looks can be viewed simply by clicking on the small icons at the bottom of each menu.  These icons represent desktop versus mobile devices.

Just from what little is shown, it’s clear to see how easy with color options it is to change settings on the fly.  And the color is just one of the many, easy to change features that GP offers.   Navigational menu, backgrounds, header, footer, and widget are all configured in a similar manner.

#3 Solid Support

Most free support forums are just that.  Post a question, wait a while and hope someone provides an answer.  Some paid sites do the same.  GP support is responsive and actively involved in user support.   Post a question and expect a response within less than 8 hours.  That’s on the top end of the support performance bell curve.  Search the user ticket forum for others that might have had the same issue is available.  Good support makes using this theme that much better.

#4 Helpful How to’s

One of my favorite reasons that GP makes using their theme much easier is the how-to video’s that show the customizing the color, fonts, background, and images. However many other helpful links to tips like optimization, documentation and the help form are available.  Plus, GP offers tips on CSS and PHP for hearty souls wanting to go the extra mile in configuring their site.

#5 Unique Features

GP has some cool features in addition to the easy changes all the standard areas (font, header, navigation, layout, and color, etc).  One of the coolest features is the built-in page sections that come with the premium paid version. Each section not only can contain normal content (images, links, text, video’s, etc); each section can be configured individually within the page to have different backgrounds, parallax effects, overlays, color, and font.   Having that really supports styling custom pages for whatever need might arise.

Enabling Sections in GP allows changing other features for that page;  features like page container width, enabling/disabling certain elements, footer widget, and sidebars.  This flexibility thru a couple of checkbox and radio buttons make GP truly user-friendly.

If you need other choices in themes then check out my reviews.

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Good Responsive Wordpress Themes Part 2- 5 Awesome Reasons To Love The GeneratePress WP Theme

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