Practical GIMP Tutorials

Canva gets certain jobs done faster than many other online design tools.  Creating with Canva for your website is amazingly easy and quite useful.  Look below and get Canva help for creating and editing stunning designs.

Designed Bliss is about making it easier to use graphic design tools.  Skip hours trying to figure out how to edit your images or brand your graphics.  Subscribe and learn the easy way.

Practical GIMP Tutorials

Check out these practical GIMP tutorials and guides for non-designers and free-lancers.  This online graphical design tool makes it easier than ever to create branded graphics, edit images, make logos, presentations, social media content and even PDFs.  It's no wonder GIMP is the best alternative to Photoshop on the planet.

Need More GIMP Help?  

Just check back for the launch of Learn GIMP Fast series.

learn gimp fast - a practical guide on how to use gimp

Sometimes you're just looking for graphical design ideas, simple techniques to get the job done or how to guides so you don't have to search for hours.  If you need ideas, techniques, guides or resources, just subscribe.

GIMP Tutorials

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