Logo Design Using 5 Picmonkey Features

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Logo Design Using 5 Picmonkey FeaturesAffordable Logo Design

Not a week goes by without seeing requests for creating a logo.  Some look for logo design templates as a starting point; others search for logo designing software or an online free logo creator website.  Because no business or blogger can survive without a good logo that represents their brand identity.  Having a professional looking logo is so essential that some individuals redesign their logo or hire a graphic designer to create  their business or company logo.  If you’re searching for how to make your own logo, keep reading and learn about logo design using 5 Picmonkey features.

Hey, there are many ways to get a professional logo, and not all of those options require spending a fortune.   I suggest skipping those sites where you can hire someone for a couple hundred dollars.  Frankly, unless you’re a huge company, spending a couple of hundred dollars on a logo is a waste when you can create an affordable logo design on your own. I show at least one method in my article “Create Your Small Business Logo Design Online Using ‘Logo Design Freeware'”and now I’m going to cover another method that’s just as useful.  (I’ve made cool logos using quite a few excellent free graphic design tools and some awesome online editors).

Logo Design Using 5 Picmonkey Features

Picmonkey As A Logo Creator

So you might be familiar with Picmonkey; if you’re not it’s a very useful, very user friendly online editor with some nice features that can assist with making your own logo.  It’s not totally free. Picmonkey requires a $7/month subscription fee. However if you have an online presence, need to promote thru social media, want to create professional printable media then that small fee might save you a lot of money down the road.  Because with Picmonkey you won’t necessarily need to hire a graphic designer for your media needs.

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So now that I’ve put in my shameless plug for why I like Picmonkey, let’s get back to making that cool logo design you’re looking for.  And just for the record, there are more than 5 Picmonkey features that can make your logo pretty awesome.  For the sake of not writing a book, I’m only going to cover five.   Once you start using Picmonkey you’ll continue to see endless possibilities for creating all kinds of digital and printable media.

Logo Design Using 5 Picmonkey Features

Logo Design Using 5 Picmonkey Features

Feature #1  Logo Font Types

One of the first decisions you’ll make is what font you want your logo to use. A feature that makes Picmonkey pretty cool is it’s list of font choices.  Picmonkey has all the most popular fonts you’ll recognize.  Plus, Picmonkey is one of a handful of programs I’ve used extensively that can use your locally installed fonts which is pretty handy.  What I mean is if you’ve installed specific fonts on your local laptop Picmonkey can used them instead of the ones within the Picmonkey font library.  That’s means you can standardize on the fonts you use for all your projects, blog, website and social media.  Pretty slick.

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Feature#2  Font Effects

Logo Design Using 5 Picmonkey Features

For those discerning folks who want a little more creativity with their fonts, Picmonkey offers some nice super easy ways to add unique font effects.  Using the text options and effects window allows editing text size, color, overlay, blend, drop shadow, knockout, inner shadow or curved effects.  That’s quite a few easy options via dropdown menu’s and sliders.  If you want to know more just check out my other articles.

Feature #3 Background

Another reason I like Picmonkey as an online logo choice is because you can easily make your logo with different backgrounds for different purposes.   So maybe you need a logo on a business card.   Piece of cake.   Create your logo with Picmonkey and go into “Basic Edits” > “Canvas Color” menu.  There you can quickly and easily change the background color of your logo.  Want it transparent for your blog or website; simply check the transparent canvas box.  Need it in a color;  put in the 6 digit color code or choose by clicking on the color slider.  Decide to change it later on.  No problem.  Simply re-edit your logo and make your modifications.  It’s that straightforward.  No guesswork involved.

Logo Design Using 5 Picmonkey Features

Feature#4  Textures and Overlays

Picmonkey’s choice of textures is pretty encompassing.  That’s to say Picmonkey offers a lot of choices.  And by combining textures and uploading free ones, you can easily make new textures that meet your requirements.  There are so many ways to use and create textures that it would be better in a separate article just to cover the basics.

One really nice trick with Picmonkey is how to put an image into text (aka a logo) that represents your brand.  And overlaying an image into text can work really well for more than just a cool logo design.  Take a look at the example below.  I show the plain black text, the overlaid image and the resulting logo.  It’s easy and looks pretty cool.

Logo Design Using 5 Picmonkey Features

Logo Design Using 5 Picmonkey Features

Logo Design Using 5 Picmonkey Features

Feature#5  Logo Templates

Finally, if you’re just looking for a starting point, Picmonkey offer’s logo templates to let you quickly design your logo.  There’s not too much to say about those;  just go look for your self and get started.

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