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Looking for the fastest WordPress hosting is like shopping for a new gadget.  You check out the hosting company, ask around to see if they are any good and then try them.  If you don’t like it, you move on.  But changing hosting providers can be painful, especially once you have a website up and running.  So how do you decide which hosting provider to go with?

If a friend asked me, I’d tell them that you look at price, speed, support and features not necessarily in that order because all four are equally important.   Realistically, most hosting companies offer about the same entry price which is around $3 – 5/ month.  That’s not the plan I’d recommend, but that’s not the topic for this post.  With price you’ll get roughly the same speed because no hosting company would survive  if they were slow.  Yes, there are differences but this isn’t about the “top ten hosting providers”, this is about getting the fastest best wordpress hosting for your hard earned cash.

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It’s also a little about common sense shopping and a good referral from a friend.

For anyone who is new to blogging, wordpress or website design, hosting support will be a factor.  Simply because being able to reach out, ask a question and get a respond in a reasonable amount of time is worth it.  My first hosting provider alway answered the phone but the range of support experience varied.   The provider I don’t call often, but when I do the problem gets solved.

Lastly, I mention  features because you might have a few ideas about what you think you need.  I’m a WordPress gal;  I don’t ever plan on using Joomla or Drupal but there are those who do want that.  I did want good backups although I’ve used WordPress plugins that do the same.  Features also fall into that hazy category of which “hosting plan” do you what and what tools do you get with the Cpanel that is offered.

Of course, hosting is just the tip of the iceberg when considering the cost of a website.  If you’re on top of this you’ll be planning a budget and if you’re budgeting see my article “How Much Should A Website Cost – Website Maintenance Cost here.

Here’s 6 Reasons Why I’d recommend A2Hosting to my friends.

It’s pretty simple. I currently use A2Hosting. I’ve had success with them and I don’t have a problem recommending them to friends. You can get there through links “Get A2Hosting in this article.  Here’s a few reasons I like and use A2Hosting.

a)  Their CPanel has lots of tools available to manage my domain, site, backups, email, wordpress and much more.

b)  WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and other content management choices are all supported.  I use WordPress exclusively.

c)  My sites are fast even on shared hosting.  (This wasn’t the case when I used another provider).

d)  Their service is reasonably good (Not the best, not the worse).  They don’t configure WordPress but they do respond to issues.

e)  Their hosting costs are middle of the pack.  While I’ve looked at more expensive plans, I’m currently satisfied.

f)  I use their mid-level shared hosting plan but could easily upgrade when I want.

So if you haven’t done it yet, pick a  hosting provider (i.e. like A2Hosting) that you want to use, buy that catchy domain name you’ve found and get started. Oh, don’t have a domain name yet? Maybe you should check out my article on finding the best domain name.

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Fastest Wordpress Hosting - Finding a provider for your blog

Fastest Wordpress Hosting - Finding a provider for your blog

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