Design Canva Graphics The Easy DIY Way

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diy-with-canvaWhen it comes to digital marketing, image creation and editing are neccessities.  That’s why learning how to use canva makes a difference for social media marketing, business logos, blog article and sales images and just about any other visual content you can think of.  Bloggers and print on demand resellers learn early on how easy it can be to make your own graphics.  Among the many online resources and downloadable ones, Canva is a great graphic design tool to use. Figuring out how to use Canva for your graphics isn’t rocket science because learning how to use Canva is super straightforward.  Especially if you need to design your own graphics you can do it the easy DIY way with Canva.

Canva started back in 2007 and has grown exponentially since.  One of the easiest to use online tools, it has both free and paid versions.  Canva has become one of many available DIY tools for graphic designers, bloggers and DIYer’s all over the world.   The best thing about Canva is how easy it is to get started creating visually beautiful graphics with Canva’s simple templates and elements.

Design Canva Graphics The Easy DIY WayDesign Canva Graphics The Easy DIY Way

7 Easy Steps To Teach You How To Use Canva

There’s basically 7 steps to creating any graphic you want with Canva.

Canvaninja Imgs1
  • Register to log on.

  • Pick your template or enter your desired graphic size (in pixels).

  • Upload your graphics (photos, icons, illustrations, etc).

  • OR Select from Canva‘s wide variety of graphics.

  • Overlay, edit, change colors, resize, to get the perfect design!

  • Name your design.

  • Download.

The best way to learn how to use Canva is to simply register and jump in but for those who want a tad more detail, let’s fill in those steps.

Step #1 Register for a login account.

First, register with Canva and create an online account.  Choose according to your interests and then sign up with either a Google account or other email account.

Design Canva Graphics The Easy DIY Way

Design Canva Graphics The Easy DIY Wayhow to signup with canva

Design Canva Graphics The Easy DIY Way canva-account-creation

Step #2 Pick your template

Once you log in, you will be presented with a screen asking what template or size you want your design to use. Since Canva now has the original 1.0 version and the new beta 2.0 version, each looks slightly different but the general process is the same.

Use the custom dimensions button if you want a specific sized design that is not one of the many pre-set template sizes. Templates are great in Canva because the correct sizes for social media images like Facebook covers and Pinterest images are created for you when you choose the template.

 Canva 2.0 workspace Canva 2.0 workspace

Now the fun begins.   On the right side of Canva is “menu” of choices ranging from layouts, text, elements, backgrounds and uploads.  (Note: with the newer version of Canva 2.0, backgrounds are now created by clicking on the small color box above the design space).

By clicking or selecting each option on the right side of the design workspace various choices of Canva elements (shapes, frames, icons and images) can be added and layered onto the workspace.

Step #3 Upload Your Graphics or Pictures

Clicking on uploads allows for your content images, icons or illustrations from other sources to be uploaded and added into the design workspace.

Step #4  Select from Canva’s wide variety of graphics

Canva elements contains groupings of similar items. For example, under Graphics the first grouping is Shapes.  Canva elements is logically laid out in this fashion, but if you can’t locate what you need simply use the search box at the top and type in what you’re looking for and let Canva present you with a selection to choose from.  Depending on whether you have the free or paid version you’ll see items you can use.  Simply drag and drop the element into the workspace.  Resize by clicking on the edge or corner of the element to drag it larger or shrink it smaller.

using search with canva
using search with canva

Adding text to your design is just as easy.  Selecting or clicking on text in the right menu adds a text box where you type in message.  Then use the menus at the top of the workspace to choose the font style and size needed.

Step#5 Overlay, edit, change colors, resize, to get the perfect design

Resizing an image in Canva or adding an overlay onto an existing Canva design is just as easy.  To resize, simply click on a corner or border edge of the image and drag to increase or decrease the size.

how to resize and overlay graphic in canva
how to resize and overlay graphic in canva

For an overlaying on top of another element, click the overlaid element once to make it the focus and then click the transparency button in the upper left corner.  Use the slider to change the transparency of the element as desired.  See how the second heart (dragged to be bigger) is now partially transparent and “overlaid” on top of the original.  This overlay effect can bring depth and special effects to a plain photo.

Step #6 Name your design and Step #7 Download it

Once the graphic is complete, click in the upper right corner of Canva, next to the share button to name the file.  Click download and choose from jpg or png formats.  So now you know; learning how to use Canva is really that easy.

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Design Canva Graphics The Easy DIY Way

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