Use Inkscape Text On Path To Create Custom Decorative Borders

decorative border design using inkscape text to path and custom font
Create endless combinations of interesting decorative borders in minutes using custom fonts and Inkscape.

This is such an effortless way to make fun decorative borders around designs I almost didn’t write the article because I thought that most everyone already knew how to do this, but I haven’t run across any demos so I went ahead and made a quick video. Plus it’s so easy that I didn’t have much to write about. You simply download the fonts, install them in Inkscape or any other favorite editor you have and start using them. Since, I had created another video and article on making custom printables with Inkscape, GIMP and Canva I decided this article would be a great supplement to that information. In that three part series I mention using decorative borders so I decided this article could supplement those.

First you need to go to your favorite source for custom fonts, think non-Google fonts, and download fonts that contain decorative elements instead of standard letters. For example, I use several custom fonts from sources like Squirrel fonts, Dafonts, 1001Fonts to create my borders. My best font choices for borders are 1) KingThings Flourishes, 2) 2TheLeft Dingbats, and 3)CloverThings. There are several other fonts for hearts, stars, animals etc but I won’t cover them here. Once you start looking at these types of fonts you’ll find all kinds of cool ways to use them in custom designs and digital art.

It’s nice once to build on elements already available so using special fonts as embellishments is a unique way to jazz up a design quickly. If you’re interested in how I use these just watch the ten minute video and start tinkering with these or other fonts like them that you find. You can see I’ve show several decorative borders I made in less that 5 minutes using this technique; it’s really that easy.

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inkscape borders with fonts

Here’s the easy to follow video.

ink text on path borders

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