Small Business Logo Design With 2 Free Tools”

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small business logo freeA logo design that clearly represents your online “brand” is crucial. It is easy to buy logo designs online; there are dozens of sites and services available for a fee. Depending on what you want, logo design costs can run from a few dollars to several hundred. Cheap logos may be available from a few logo creator sites but you have the option not to spend any money and get a great custom logo.  Plus making quick logo designs are not hard to do with using online resources .  You can easily create your small business logo design for free using some very popular online content editors. Great looking logos can be made with business logo generators but know that minimalistic logo design is quite powerful. Minimal design logos aren’t just about using fewer graphics; they purposely remove unnecessary elements that detract from the logo’s “brand” or identity. The result focuses on the logo and the business name. Some of the most powerful logos for large companies do just that. People easily remember those logos, brands and ultimately businesses. So complex and complicated logo isn’t required unless you want that.

Deciding whether to make or buy your logo is your choice. You don’t have to be a professional graphics designer to have a cool minimalistic logo. If you make a logo it can be quite professional and affordable. I’m going to show you how to make a logo that focuses your viewers/customers on your logo name and “brand” with easy “logo maker software”.  You can use these same tools to create your logo online.

Small Business Logo Design With 2 Free Tools"

I refer to it as “logo maker software” but really all graphic design tools and content editors can make logos and more. Some of the best logo design software can make / edit all kinds of images for logos, websites and social media.  However, let’s keep this simple for now.  Simple visual editing tools are are available online. They are fantastic tools for creating free cheap logos and can provide a fair amount of customization for your needs. So let’s get started.

Canva Train1

Minimalistic Design Items

These 4 items are the starting point for my minimalistic designed logo example. 1. Color 2. Final Size 3. Name 4. Icon (optional)

You might wonder about where to go online when building logos once you have those pre-requisites.

Color List Fb

Visual Content Editors

There are several dozen really good online choices but I’m going to demonstrate 3 easy ones. Why do I pick 3? Because online tools have strengths and weaknesses so sometimes it is easier to quickly create a design on the fly by combining tools to get the job done. Let’s start with creating the primary logo design using Canva; it has a paid and free version but I’m going to use the free only. This logo is going to be made totally free except for the 10 to 20 minutes it took to design it.


Small Business Logo Design With 2 Free Tools"


Just go to Canva and register.

I used “find templates” under the menu “create a design”. I clicked on “logos” after browsing the “templates and then selected select the category template(s) of interest.

use templates in canva to make your logo
use templates in canva to make your logo

The automotive template as a starting point to make my own logo in this example. I changed the wording to my logo name by clicking on it and modifying. The color was changed by selecting the item, clicking on the color button and either selecting the color or typing in the 6 digit hex code that represents the color desired. Since I knew the 6 digit code that was entered. Either way works just fine.

If you’d like to see a more in depth look at Canva Templates for Logos check out my Canva Templates For Logos.

color your logo name canva
add color to your logo canva



I could stop here, but I’d like an icon that is representative of my logo name and “brand”. On Pixabay which is a great source of free images, illustrations, icons and vectors I’ve found what I’m looking for but I want to make it the color I’m using in the logo so I’ll use Pilxr editor to make a quick color change.


using pixlr editor for color changes
using pixlr editor for color changes –  using pilxr editor to modify logo image icon color


I’m going to change from black to blue by selecting the paint bucket tool and choosing the main color I want. Once that is done, I click in each area to change to the new color.

changing the color of a pixabay image using pilxr editor
changing the color of a pixabay image using pilxr editor

When complete I save the file as a png format with the name I want that I can upload into Canva and add to my logo.

adding logo graphic to logo
adding logo graphic to logo – upload your logo graphic in canva
save logo design canva
save logo design canva

Since I’m using the free version of Canva I won’t be able to save my final logo as transparent (with the paid version it is possible).  Since a transparent logo is nice when placing it over a colored or off white area (in a website or form) I’m going to show you how to do that too.  If you just want a logo on a true white background then in Canva simply give it a name and click to download as png file.  You’re done.

If you want a transparent logo, here is a super easy way to do that outside of Canva.

Back in Pilxr Editor, I’ve opened my logo file and created a new file by going to File, New and open another new file. The new file is created it in the same size but it is transparent

using Pixlr Editor to save free version canva File as transparent
using Pixlr Editor to save free version canva File as transparent


With both files open (logo and the untitled new file) I select the logo file and under edit, click on select all.  Once all is selected I click on copy, then click on the untitled file to select it.  With the untitled file select I then click paste to copy the logo file to the new untitled file. Now I want remove the white background by selecting any of the white area in the untitled file. After selecting the wand tool, I click the white area again and hit the delete button to remove the white background.  The file is saved with a new name (like logo-transparent.png). If desired, I can easily crop the file to any size by selecting crop and dragging the box around logo as shown.

making free canva logo file transparent with pilxr editor
making free canva logo file transparent with pilxr editor – removing white backgrounds in your logo

Here’s the final copy and I’ll crop it.

cropping your free canva transparent logo
final step -cropping your free canva transparent logo


Once the logo saved I’m done. Woo Hoo. There you have it. These free online editing tools can create your small business logo design too in no time at all.

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