Content Creation To Grow Your Business

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Content Creation To Grow Your Business

As I continue to research and blog about the best editing tips and content creation techniques I’ve wondered whether this knowledge would be of interest to others via a condensed course. In particular, when I look back to the very first blog I built I realize how very little I knew about how to attract followers and subscribers with visual content. In fact, I think that first blog wouldn’t have failed if I actually had known what I know now.

Yes, the written content is the heart of any blog or online business, unless you’re a photographer, artist or ecommerce reseller. Because the written content is the meat and potatoes information you share.

Content Creation To Grow Your BusinessContent Creation To Grow Your Business

But no matter what your business is about,

the real challenge has always been finding your audience and connecting with them.

Our online methods are with visual content that either attracts thru organic means or with paid advertisements, but still, the method is visual. So what we use visually and how we use it matters.

I’ve stated facts on several pages and posts that 90% of what we process is visual and 65% of us learn visually. That’s powerful stuff. The social media channels are all about visual content so why are there so few courses on it for those just building a blog or online business?

Content Creation To Grow Your Business

Yes, you can take a Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram course. There are dozen of those offerings; I’m not here to compete with any of them. So if you want to learn those social media channels there’s a lot of ways to learn them.

But what if you just need to understand how to better create and use visual content that fits in with your blog or online business?

How do you find out what visual content type(s) you could use online successfully?

It’s one thing to learn all that by searching, testing and waiting for results. That works and most of us have no other choice then to go down that path. Unfortunately, it’s a path that takes time to determine what can produce either business growth or unfortunately unintended loss of clients.

I think it’s a no brainer that our technological world demands only the best visual content to get our message out to potential followers, subscribers and clients. Now, it’s more demanding than ever with the growth of social media, because it’s gotten more competitive.

My question to you remains:

How interested would you be in learning how to create and use visual content to grow your business online?

Would you take a course that shows you visual content creation techniques, types, marketing management, and optimization? If in fact, you’re interested in learning to make and use visual content creation to market your business and brand, then let me know. I’ll build the course if I know it would help others.

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Content Creation To Grow Your Business

Content Creation To Grow Your Business

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