No Nonsense Content Creation Business Growth Strategies

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content-creation-social-media-growth-strategies-instagramYou’ve got the website. Check. Now you need traffic. That’s what every small online business or blogger faces. They have the content but not the traffic. There’s a debate about SEO vers using social media marketing. While SEO isn’t dead, it isn’t as hot as social media content strategies. In fact, if you check out the latest on content creation for business growth you’ll find it all focuses on social media. Whether you focus on SEO or social media, great content will attract an audience no matter what you do.

But if your efforst are geared towards social media then you need good social media content creation strategies to get traffic. Here are 7 content creation business growth strategies to focus on.

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1. Content is King. (and Queen).

Good content leads to returning readers and them sharing with others. It should be easy to find, easy to read and full of good information. And it should be shareable so your readers can help you grow your blog or website. Make your content worthwhile and at minimum 500 words. Consider longer posts up to 2000 words if you really have a meaty topic to discuss.

2. Use Social Media visual content to attract and engage your followers.

It is your highway to traffic. Create a Facebook fan page and automate your promos, services, articles and lead generation content to it. Use Pinterest; its the closest equivalent to a Social Media “Google-like” search engine. Learn to not just post images or graphics but to post visual content the markets, promotes and tells your story.

3. Find forums that match what your content is about and use them to be visible.

Reddit discussion groups have been around forever. In fact, I peruse Reddit to research the topics that I might want to discuss on my sites. Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat and Youtube are other popular outlets you could use.

No Nonsense Content Creation Business Growth Strategies

4. Post content on a regular schedule on every social media platform you use.

There’s lots of talk about posting at least once or twice a week to keep your reader’s attention although your content strategy will depend on the social media channel you are using. However, I would advise that any post you make should have real content value and not just fluff. With real value you audience will recognize what you offer and will be more inclined to pay attention when you do post. Plus, your content is more likely to be shared and you may see more backlinks which is always a good thing.

Still, there are general rules of thumb when posting to social media and you may not be able to focus on multiple platforms at the same time.  Since each requires different images as well as post schedules it’s best when starting to focus on one and then add others in slowly.

For example, one post a week on Facebook might work especially if you are working with Facebook live streaming but one Pinterest pin a week is literally nothing. Pinterest requires multiple pins a day just to get noticed. So scheduling is important and scheduling heavily depends on the social media channel.

Your content on social media will need attention-getting, engaging visual content to instill curiosity and engage viewers long enough to see, receive and hear your message.

5. Network with others.

Use your networking skills to reach out to other businesses. Guest posts, podcasts and webinars on social media are great content creation strategies.

6. Be a guest on another’s blog or website.

This goes with number 5. Getting your name out there is a great way to find new readers.

7. SEO is your best friend.

SEO is important. I don’t think it will ever go away. While it takes time to learn what makes for good SEO I’d say investing that time is well worth it. Don’t leave your SEO in someone else’s hands. Do your research and learn; you know best what your site is about.

Plus, when you learn about SEO you also gain insight into what readers are searching for. By applying that knowledge you will know what topics are of interest to your readers before and while your writing your posts. I use Mangools to research keywords for my SEO tags, categories, titles and even content ideas.

Need to sharpen your content creation skills to get more traffic from social media to your site?

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No Nonsense Content Creation Business Growth Strategies

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