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Text special effects make nice graphics into attractive graphics. Creating curved text in logos or social media images is super easy with Picmonkey. Curved text can be used as circle text or just as text in an arc; create either quickly and effortlessly.

While I’ll warn you Picmonkey is not free ($7/month), this online editor easily creates special effects. So, over the long run, the cost pays for itself. Plus, there are other nice text effects that can easily be done quickly and effortlessly with PicMonkey so that is also a perk.

You may be asking how i create curved text also referred to as “word circles” or “circle text” with Picmonkey. Just keep reading to see the magic happen.

It’s not complicated; it takes less than 3 steps to do this.

So follow along

After logging into Picmonkey, the editor opens the background menu or “canvas color”. I’ll set the background to a transparent or a color; white is the default unless I change that. If I’m going to use what I design on top of another graphic or design I’ll set the background to transparent. However, I’m going to use white for the demo by clicking on apply.

create curved text with Picmonkey the free curved text generator online

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Next, I’ll select the text icon (Tt) on the left side menu by clicking it. One really cool feature of Picmonkey is that it can use the default font library (Ours) or your locally installed fonts (Yours). The default text font library, by the way, has a wide variety of choices so I’ll use that for this demo.

When you make curved text or text in a circle you’ll find that some fonts work much better than others. For this demo, I’ve chosen the Trocchi font from the Picmonkey font choices. After clicking the “Add text” button I’ll type in my text.

Next, I’ll center the text into the workspace area by dragging it until the line with the little circle on the top middle of the text box lines up with the middle vertical guideline. (Set the guidelines at the bottom using the alignment icon).

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The easy part is making the text curve. See the text “menu” box that pops up went working with text. It lets you change colors, font size, justification on the “Style” Tab but the second tab called “Effects” is what we’re going to focus on.

Here’s a tip to making the text look evenly spaced from beginning to end as it creates the circle. I’ll add space(s) either at the beginning or at the end so that when the circle completes the words are evenly spaced all the way around.



When I click on the “Effects” tab a simple menu with “Style” and “Curve” choices will show as drop-down lists under “Shape”. By simply choosing circle I’ve created the circle text. If my letters are too close together I simply use the corner handles of the text box and drag the box larger until the curved text looks the way I want.

If I want to rotate the text a little I use the guideline with the little circle on the top middle of the box to rotate the text. Clicking it once and then dragging in a clockwise or counterclockwise fashion will rotate the text.

This curved text generator in Picmonkey is a no-brainer way to make all kinds of “word circles” and even arc text, wavy text. Let’s take this a bit further.

Let’s make 2 arc text images instead of a circle text and see how they can be used.

You’ll notice that concave text (the top) will curve pulling the letters apart where the convex text (the bottom) will push them together. I compensate in Picmonkey by dragging the text corner handles, making the bottom text slightly larger and changing the curvature as needed. It won’t be as perfect as with a vector editor like GIMP or Inkscape but it will be fast and still look good.

arc text creation example

how to make arc text easily


First I make each arc text similar to how I made the curved circle text except under Shape drop down I choose “Arc” instead of “Circle”. I can choose to put one arc of Text inside another using appropriate amounts of curvature for each so that they fit together.

I can also invert one arc and fit the two together to make a complete circle or

how to make wavy text

I can place them side by side to make wavy text.

If I want to get really fancy I can add text style elements like drop shadows or inner shadows.

Creating word circles, arc text, curved or circle text or even wavy text is fast and easy with Picmonkey.

Prefer to do with with GIMP or Inkscape.  Just check out my other related articles:

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