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special text effects

How To Use Inkscape Filters For Inkscape Text Effects

Using Inkscape filters with text creates a cool variety of special effects. Applying filter effects with the filter editor is easy once the basic filter parameters are set. Many default filter settings use black or white color; changing that with other parameters will dramatically change the Inkscape effect. Saving the filter allows for re-using the effect quickly with any text. See how to use the filter editor to create a filter effect with text in Inkscape.


How to remove a white background with Inkscape

Depending on the logo file format there are 2 ways to remove the white background of a logo using Inkscape. If the logo was created as an SVG file it’s simply setting the alpha channel to transparent. If the logo is either a JPG or PNG then the file must be imported using the trace bitmap function. But removing the white background of a logo takes less than a minute to do.

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