Engaging Canva Presentation Alternatives To Powerpoint

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I tell everyone who will listen that I use multiple editors for my business because creating and editing requires working with multiple file formats depending on the requirements. Every small business or blogger needs certain essential graphics, images, and documents to be online, and presentations or photo slideshows for online webinars are just one of those essentials. Canva is a perfect powerpoint designer tool and an excellent powerpoint alternative. Although I’m not debating the merits of Canva vs powerpoint, a Canva presentation does have a few advantages. Canva is an online tool that anybody on any device can use and it offers a free version for starters. Instead, I show how to create an engaging powerpoint presentation using one Canva presentation example based on modifying a pre-designed Canva template. Before beginning and to avoid confusion, I refer to a “Canva powerpoint” or a “Canva presentation” interchangeably.

Using Canva presentation templates eliminates learning how to create a powerpoint template; the process starts by selecting a Canva presentation template, modifying with brand colors and fonts then adding images and text. This is a straightforward process that anybody can do.

Engaging Canva Presentation Alternatives To PowerpointEngaging Canva Presentation Alternatives To Powerpoint

Other powerpoint alternatives require a learning curve similar to that of powerpoint, but with Canva’s drag, n drop interface and editing options, it’s a breeze to produce a beautiful and engaging powerpoint presentation that is available online immediately.

So skip learning how to make a powerpoint template; see how this free powerpoint alternative provides stunning and creative presentations with little to no effort.

Engaging Canva Presentation Alternatives To Powerpoint

Editing powerpoint templates with Canva

Inside of Canva, I’ll select “Create a design” and then choose “Presentations”. I’ll pick the presentation style that most closely meets my needs so that minimal design changes will be needed. Since I already have a brand kit set up in Canva my business colors, fonts and logo are set up as defaults I can quickly select while modifying the pre-made Canva powerpoint presentation template. (If you need to learn how to set up a design kit plus many other Canva shortcuts and features consider my quickstart class that gets you up and running with Canva in a couple of hours rather than days.)

So, let’s go through the step by step process of creating a Canva presentation.

1 – Select the Canva powerpoint presentation template.

One of the nice things I like about Canva is how easy they make it select a powerpoint template style. Looking through the available Canva presentations, notice that presentations are grouped accordingly (“Startup, Creative, Visual Charts, Business, Education, Marketing Presentations, etc). That’s a very straightforward way to sort through Canva’s creative presentation templates and get ideas for what suits your needs. Rather clever if you ask me. I’ll select the “Brand GuidelineBusiness Presentation” as my example to customize.

Canva Presentation Ideas To Pick From

2 – Find free images for powerpoint you want to use in the template.

This is so very easy I hesitate to mention it. Since I’ve started working online I’ve found so many free stock image and vector graphics sites I created my own personal list with clickable links that take me straight to the site. Each time I find a new resource I add it to my list. If you subscribe to my newsletter you get the list free and any updates I add. You can always use the free Canva assets or connections to Pexels or Pixabay within Canva if you prefer.

3 – Edit the background graphics in the powerpoint template.

So for my images in the presentation, I’ll add a few free ones I’ve modified and uploaded into Canva. If you’d like to know more about how to make a picture transparent, modify or resize images, and more just subscribe for updates.

Editing Background Graphic Images In Powerpoint Templates

4 – Modify the colors, font, and text.

Next using my brand colors, I’ll select the colored elements within the presentation and switch colors to my brand colors. I’ll do the exact same thing with fonts, using my brand recognizable fonts from my brand kit. Each text box in the presentation is laid out and I can simply click on the text box to change the wording accordingly.

Change To Brand Colors In Canva Presentation
changing to brand colors in canva presentations
Using Brand Fonts In Powerpoint
changing to brand fonts, modifying the text in powerpoint presentations

5 – Add your logo or watermark.

Here’s another nice thing about Canva. You can make your logo in Canva or upload one you made with GIMP, Inkscape or any other program. Then you can use the logo on each page of your Canva presentation. If you’d like to make a logo with Canva, see my course “Canva Ninja Quickstart“. If you’re an Inkscape or GIMP user I have articles on logos for each of those editors as well. Just click on the links.

6 – Save and download your Canva presentation.

Once all modifications are complete, just download the result as a jpg or png file. Or use Canva’s presentation options for presenting online.

If you’d like to know more about Canva and all of the powerful features you can take advantage of, take a look at my course “Canva Ninja Quickstart“.

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How to create engaging powerpoint presentations with Canva

Engaging Canva Presentation Alternatives To Powerpoint

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