Why Constant Contact Can Help You Grow Your Email List

Email service providers are essential to the success of your site.  They provide the means to reach out to and engage with your subscribers.  That’s why picking the right email service provider to fit your needs is critical.  While all email providers offer standard services like email templates and automation, you will see differences in additional provider services like automation, add-on features and support. Constant Contact has great features beyond the standard ones that make  Constant Contact a choice you should consider if you’re looking to change providers or just find one.  Just take a look at “Why Constant Contact Can Help You Grow Your Email List” because there are several reasons that make Constant Contact stand out.

Reason 1 – Help and support

New to email automation and list building? Constant Contact has some of the best and widest range of support choices I’ve seen in email service providers.  Their online training videos are some of the best, and they are the only email provider that actually has staff to answer the phone.  Yes, answer the phone.  How many services do you use these days where if you’re lucky to have a number to call, you still have to leave a message.  Once you sign up with Constant Contact, one of their team will immediately reach out to you to provide whatever level of support you want.

With a wide range of support from online how to video’s, community forums, phone support and professional services, you will find whatever you need to grow your email list. Monthly online webinars cover a range of topics. You can get as much or as little help and support your want from Constant Contact.

Reason 2- Customized templates for your website

Want to customize your emails with your website logo to add a professional look.  You can do that with Constant Contact.  Their profession and powerful editor makes drag n drop customization super easy.  Design your own emails quickly and intuitively.  Match your website’s look by easily customizing color, font and style.  Choose from a variety of templates and mobile responsive designs; access free stock images and photos.  It’s incredible easy and powerful.

Reason 3- Amazing functionality

As a major player in email services, Constant Contact has a lot to offer. Want suveys, registration forms, coupons and more? Constant Contact provides that in their plus plan.

Reason 4- Lots of integration capability

Need to integrate Constant Contact  into your WordPress website.  It’s unbelievably easy.  WPforms, Ninja forms and Gravity forms all integrate with Constant Contact allowing you choices and powerful customization right within WordPress.  Need app integration to Quickbooks or workflow automation from your website to Zapier, Zoho CRM.  Those are just a few choices you have to extend how you use Constant Contact.

Reason 5- No long-term contract commitment

Use Constant Contact as long as you want.  Some email service providers want to lock you into an annual contract.  You don’t need to do that with Constant Contact.

Reason 6- Free 60 day trial

Sign up and get a free 60 day trial with Constant Contact.  See and experience how easy email list building can be.

Constant Contact offers a lot to help engage and personalize your emails to your subscribers.

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