Inkscape Filter Effects – Create Inkscape Effects With The Filter Editor

Inkscape Filter Effects - Create Inkscape Effects With The Filter EditorInkscape Filter Effects - Create Inkscape Effects With The Filter Editor

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Inkscape comes with a large default list of filter effects that can be applied to objects or text. The cool thing about using the Inkscape filter editor with text is the variety of special effects possible. Applying Inkscape filters to text is easy once the basic filter parameters are set. Easily change the color, fonts or parameters with the Inkscape filter editor. Many of the default filter effects use black or white color and simply changing that can dramatically change the Inkscape effect. Some Inkscape filters add a dimensional or almost 3d filter effect; it is as if the text looks like it is sitting slightly above the page.

Let’s see how to use the filter editor to create a filter effect with text in Inkscape.

To show how Inkscape filters can work with texts I’m using a “fat” font (AbrilFatface) to really show the text effect but these same Inkscape filter settings can be used with any font. That means there is many combinations of text special effects using Inkscape filters based on your locally installed fonts.

Using the Inkscape Filter Editor

All of the special text effects are done by using the Inkscape filter editor to modify any filter effect parameters.

I’m going to demo with the bright metal filter to show just what can be done. This filter or any of the ones I list can be applied to create logo’s, social media or print.

Creating Filter Effects With Inscape Effects

First, add the text in the font desired in the font size desired. The demo uses a medium light blue from the color palette in inkscape.

Next, click on Filters > Bevels > Bright Metal. When applied the default filter color added is white. You can leave that if you like or go further in customizing as I do in the demo. I’ve chosen to add a dark filter color (dark blue) to medium color (medium blue) text but you can play with this and start with a light filter color added to a dark color. The point is to make either the text dark and the filter color light or the text light and the filter color dark.

My basic text is in medium blue (hex #0055d4) and after applying the filter, open the Filter Editor to modify the filter characteristics. Go Filter> Filter Editor. Scroll down to Specular Lighting and click on the Specular color to change it. On my Mac, I added in the dark blue (#0000a9) and clicked OK. I modified the Constant and Exponent values to 1.30 and 1.0 respectively. This blended the colors a bit more than originally set.

It’s pretty easy to tinker with different colors and fonts until you get a combination you like. Save and export the file to a png if you need a transparent background. You’ll also want to size this accordingly to your needs.

Here’s the final results. I’ve included several popular filter effects like: drop shadow filter, bevel filters, bump filters, shadows and glows filters, and texture filters. I also show how to create a goldtone and silvertone metallic look with text. Once the filter parameters are set it’s easy to simply modify the text (wording), font family, font size and color(s). I’ve even made amazing looking font combinations where one font (serif) is on the 1st line and a san-serif font (block) is on the 2nd line. It creates a very unique style.


If you’re interested check out the video below.

After hours of testing I’ve put together 24 Inkscape filters that work the best with text. If you want to quickly learn how to use these filters and create your own special effects with text for your needs, consider getting the printable pdf file. You can make your text special effects in seconds with any text wording, font (locally installed), font size and color(s) using Inkscape.

Add it to any project you’re working on.

Catch attention. Get noticed and sell more using special effects text.

Check out the video below to see the cool effects you can create in seconds.

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Inkscape Filter Effects – Create Inkscape Effects With The Filter Editor
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