Editing Free Vector Graphics For Your Digital And Print Needs

Modifying free vectors graphics for Canva

Modifying free vectors graphics for CanvaModifying free vectors graphics for Canva

free-vector-graphics-for-canva-instagramWhile Canva offers free graphics and some images you may not always find what you need. That’s where searching thru online free vector graphics may offer you images that are perfect for use. The biggest reason most folks don’t use these files is because most free online editors won’t won’t work with them. Canva won’t even let you upload files unless they are either jpg or png.

That shouldn’t stop you from using these great resources. Converting a vector file is easy with the right vector editor.

Think about it. You convert files in Word when you save a Word (.doc) into a rich text file (rtf). Converting a vector file is just as easy with the right free vector editor.

What is a vector file ?

Vector files are made by using mathematical formulas; no you don’t need to know the formula to create one as the editor you use does it for you. The vector file uses individual color blocks to create the final image; thus vector files are great for graphics (icons, illustrations etc) that need resizing for various reasons.

An example is a logo. Your logo if made as a vector file can easily be resized to your website, social media profiles, and printed business cards or letterhead documents. Of course in most cases, your logo will be saved as a png or jpg in the appropriate size needed from the vector file.

You may not know it but all those PDFs you use generally are vector files. Although depending on the program that created the PDF it might be a vector or a raster file. (I’ll skip discussing the merits of raster files here).

Anyway, the point is there are many free vector images, icons and illustrations that can be converted for use. Two of the best free vector editors are



There are differences between these free vector editors; for example Inkscape works natively with SVG vectors while GIMP easily handles AI and PSD files. Both understand the universal EPS vector file format.

So once you find the vector file you want to use, it’s super easy to convert it to either a jpg or a png and then upload it into Canva like you would with any other jpg or png image you have.

If you’re interested in how to do that, then check out my articles on converting files here.

Convert Vector Files With Gimp

Converting SVG to PNG With Inkscape

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Modifying free vectors graphics for Canva

Modifying free vectors graphics for Canva-Vector files can be converted and then used in Canva.  See how to create usable png files.
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