Free Logo Design Templates Using Canva

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It’s amazingly easy to create a logo these days.  When I Google for “free logo maker”, it’s almost ridiculous how many sites advertise for this and yet there’s still a lot of requests on Fiverr, Upwork and many other sites for graphic designers to make logos.  I guess folks are still uncomfortable making their own but they shouldn’t be.  So, in this article I’m going to show you just how easy it is to create a free logo design of your own using one of Canva’s many free logo design templates.  By the end of the article, if you don’t have a business logo, you should know how to get one using one of Canva’s free editable logo templates.  It’s just so darn easy, you’ve got to try it.

Canva Logo Templates Are Free – Just Pick One To Start

To start making a smashing free logo design that you need to understand a little lingo. Plus, I tend to like to think about content, color and clarity when creating.

Lets Answer Basic Questions About The Design

Colors (Brand) – Black, Fushia, White, Grey

Content and Clarity (aka what it’s about): Business logo for blog about loving coffee

Graphics needed: text and coffee cup, hearts in a logo

Canva uses a “workspace” area where the design or visual content is created and edited. Canva has many pre-set templates but here we’ll focus only on logos.  Just a note you can create any size by using the “custom dimensions” button, so if you have a WordPress theme, are using a service like Squarespace, Wix or Shopify and you know what logo size is required you can use the custom dimensions for that.

Just log into Canva and click on “Templates”, then click on “Logos”.  There are a ton’s of templates if you need a little help getting started.  I recommend picking the one you like and making your modifications. Note with this method the logo will by default be a square.   That works for many social media “profile” photos but may not work well for your website header but I’m going to show you how to get around that at the end of this post.  Since my fictitious logo will have black (#000000), white (#ffffff), grey (#d9d9d9) and fushia (#fb2056) as brand colors I’ll start with a black logo template and make my edits.

Free Logo Design Templates Using Canva

For this example I’ll add 1 or 2 graphic elements and my logo name using the 3 brand colors I’ve chosen.   Using the template I’ll change the text to the logo name and make a few basic modifications before adding in any additional graphics.

Canva Starting Template Versus Modification

Here’s the before (1st)  and after (2nd).  I’m not done as I’ve left some space for the graphic elements.

Free Logo Design Templates Using CanvaFree Logo Design Templates Using Canva

Now, it’s important to pick out a few colorful graphic elements for the logo and that’s easier than you think.  I like to think of these elements as the free “foundational” starting points for the final logo design.

Free “foundational” Starting Graphics

Those graphics can be all kinds of different things like: backgrounds, lines, geometric shapes, text, tints, overlays, and much more.  You can find these in Canva by searching or if you don’t like what you find you can upload your own.  I’ve done both.   If you need a list of sites that have free images and graphics, you could subscribe to get my resource list of 57+ sites that offer free graphics, photos and vectors.  That’s totally up to you;  you can also do a Google search if you’re more comfortable with that route.

Let’s look at a quick Canva search for graphics.

For example, I’ll look for a heart. Once I find exactly what I want I will drag it onto the workspace. Normally the workspace is white but I’ve made the background grey for purposes of seeing the heart details.  Using my starting logo template I’ll click on the right-hand menu and select elements then search for hearts.  I’ll drag and drop that into the design.  Once placed in the design where I want it, I’ll click on each color and add in the exact hex color code for my brand colors.

Free Logo Design Templates Using Canva

Selecting on each color of the heart, I’ll modify with the brand colors of black and fushia.  Now to add a cup of java and I’m done with the logo.  I’ll search for, drag into the design, color it and resize to fit.  Here’s the result.

Free Logo Design Templates Using Canva

The easy part is if I need a logo that a rectangle for a blog header I just trim it a bit.  I could also resize it in canva to any size I want and do the same type of trimming to get the exact dimensions needed.   But either way here’s how the rectangle version looks.

Free Logo Design Templates Using Canva

This is just one of many ways to find graphics to use and then color them according to your needs.

You also could upload image, icons, illustrations, backgrounds using Canva’s upload feature. Canva keeps track of previously uploaded items so you can use them again and again if you wish.

Canva Assets

I recommend you take time to browse through the variety of graphics Canva offers. Note that there is a notable difference between the graphics offered under the free version versus that using the Canva for Work version.  The free program limits which graphics you can use freely but if you decide to shell out the $12/month subscription you’ll have more to pick from. Still, you can find many free graphics from other sites that you can use (Hint: just get my resource list by subscribing)

Looks pretty good either way and it didn’t take long to do.   If you’ve not worked with Canva much I’d recommend you take a look at this easy to use editor, because Canva is a lot more than a free logo maker.  With Canva, you can easily create banners, flyers, blog graphics and social media images.

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I\'m going to show you just how easy it is to create a free logo design of your own using one of Canva\'s many free logo design templates.   #logodesign #canvatutorial #logomaker #bloggingtips
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