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fastest hosting - best wordpress hostingMany purchase their blog name (a.k.a domain name) from their web host provider when they sign up.  So if you don’t have a hosting provider, you will need one for your website or blog.   Finding a internet hosting for your blog in addition to the fastest wordpress hosting provider you can afford is what your searching for now. Searching on “blog hosting” or “wordpress hosting” will come up with dozens of comparison sites that provide all kinds of stats on cost, speed, service etc.  While useful, good referrals based on real experience can help choose a hosting provider.  Because let’s face it, hosting providers won’t stay in business if their cost, speed or service sucks.

Most internet hosting is very similar in features and most hosting providers offer different levels of service and support. If you go with the cheap budget hosting versus a good blog hosting plan, you may not like the end results .  Frankly, you get exactly what you pay for.  And if you’re budgeting see my article “How Much Should A Website Cost – Website Maintenance Cost here.

Why I chose A2Hosting as my provider.

It’s pretty simple. I currently use A2Hosting and I’ve had good success with them. You can get there through links “Get A2Hosting in this article, but you’re free to use whomever you wish.  Here’s a few reasons I like and use A2Hosting.

a)  Their CPanel has lots of tools available to manage my domain, site, backups, email, wordpress and much more.

b)  WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and other content management choices are all supported.  I use WordPress exclusively.

c)  My sites are fast even on shared hosting.  (This wasn’t the case when I used another provider).

d)  Their service is reasonably good (Not the best, not the worse).  They configure WordPress for me but they do respond to issues.

e)  Their hosting costs are middle of the pack.  While I’ve looked at more expensive plans, I’m currently satisfied.

f)  I use their shared hosting plan but can easily upgrade when I want.

So if you haven’t done it yet, pick a  hosting provider (i.e. like A2Hosting) that you want to use, put in the domain name you want to purchase, and select the shared hosting plan. The hosting plan covers the details of what you get to use their system for your website. Fill in your name, address, and payment details.  Look for a welcome email with a login to begin building your blog.

In most situations, you will sign up for an annual service but you can get deals if you decide to extend it.  It super easy and takes only a few minutes.

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