Creative Blog Name Ideas – Picking a domain name

You need a catchy blog name for your site. Something creative that will be easy to remember.  But it’s harder to get good domain names these days because a lot of good ones are already taken.  No worries.  You may wonder how to find a domain name for your blog but with a little research and smart thinking, you’ll have the perfect one.  You don’t need a blog name generator although that might help; instead start brainstorming catchy blog name ideas and write them on a list. Your blog name list is the perfect starting point for picking a domain name. That domain name is important as it will most likely will also be your blog name.  You don’t have to do it that way; it’s just a little easier to remember if you do.

But before you start I hope you’ve decided on the niche you’re most interested in for your new blog. If you are undecided as to what your blog or website will be about then before you go further, check out my free Niche Brainstorming Starter List .

If you already have your niche but need to find the best blog name for it, making a list and then researching the names definitely helps.  Finding the best available catchy blog names is easy to do but takes time and patience.  Here’s a few tips to remember  when trying to find good blog names for your list of choices.

Tip #1 Make It Easy To Remember

Your awesome blog name (aka domain name) should be something catchy that people will easily remember. It is also “domain name” you will purchase to use on your blog. This is the name that your readers will type into their browsers. For example my domain name is

Tip #2  Keywords Make A Creative Blog Name Better

When choosing your cool blog name (aka domain name), consider how keywords could be used in your name.

What’s keyword and how does it help?

In the past, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing recommended that domain names should have “keywords” in it. For example, say you’re interested in selling binoculars. The idea was that “binoculars” should be in the name because that keyword provides “domain authority” (DA) to your site.

What’s domain authority, you ask?

DA is a criteria that Google and other search engines use to determine search results when someone is looking for say “binoculars”. Quite simply, that means that a good keyword in your domain name could (no guarantee) help your site get better rankings and therefore be found easier.

Tip #3  Your brand

While that’s something to consider, your domain name and thus your blog should be about your “brand”. Your brand is what makes your site unique and stand out above anything similar.  Look at the blog names you like (domain names) and pick a catchy,  easy to remember name that relates to what you represents your brand.

Now for a few other tips on picking your domain name. Just remember these aren’t written in stone.

Tip # 4  .Com Names

If possible use .com names. That is the most recognized top level domain on the internet. Try for (yourdomainname whatever it will be).COM. Example: is better than

Tip #4  Simple Works

Keep it Simple. Example: is better then

Tip #5  Spelling

Choose something easy to spell.  Readers can’t find you very well if you’re blog name is long and hard to spell.

Tip #6 Avoid Stop Words

Avoid stop words if possible (the, of, a, my etc).

These are words that can get ignored by search engines.  They are the commonly use words.  Words like the, his, hers, my, while, etc.  Google use to ignore “stop” words; they claim they don’t now.  Most SEO methods encourage you to avoid them if you can.  There’s no indication that you will be penalized but a domain name without a stop word in it may be a better choice.

Note: These days there are successful sites that use them but you’re better off to avoid them if you can.

Tip #7 No Hyphens, underscores or special characters

Don’t use hyphens or underscores. It might a no brainer but this one is important to follow as it can negatively affect search results!

Avoid hyphens (dashes) or underscores in your name.  Hyphens just don’t make the name look clean; plus many readers will forget to use the hyphen.  Underscores can lead to the name being concatenated by the search engines with a result you did not intend.  Rarely have I seen a domain name with these special characters come up in the first page on a search.

While it’s optional, a name with descriptive words indicating what your site is about can help your visitors remember your blog.

How to find good blog names for your list of names

Keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner or Mangools help with brainstorming creative blog names.  They show what words people are searching for to find the “niche”.  Although Google Keyword Planner is free, Mangools  is a paid keyword search tool I like and use.  Mangools is much cheaper than other search tools available and I like its easy to use features.  A pay for search tool isn’t a requirement, but for Mangools is a handy research tool.

A second method for brainstorming your name is the old fashion way. Get pen and paper. Write words or phrases that come to mind when you think of your site’s content or niche. Circle the ones you like when you get done. I’ve done this multiple times over the course of several days before narrowing it down to a few that I like. When you have a two or three good blog name candidates, see any are available. If they aren’t available you may need to modify them slightly to get a name similar.

How To Check For Availability

Use any DNS registration site like Godaddy, Namecheap etc and see if the name is available.  Many DNS registrars will suggest similar name if the one you pick is not available but remember to follow the tips suggested above.  I also like using Nameboy’s website is similar but doesn’t offer purchase or registration of the name.  If you have picked a hosting provider, you can also check the availability of the name you would like to use.

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