Create Social Media Graphics With Canva Using 5 Simple Techniques

canva social media graphicsCanva is an easy to use online graphic editor.  It’s easy to create social media graphics with Canva using 5 simple techniques because Canva provides templates for social media graphics.  Templates make it easy to create graphics using the correct dimensions. Since there is no standard size across all social media, Canva eliminates the need to remember image sizes for each media channel. Want to know the correct graphic sizes that each social media channel requires? Check out my article “Great Looking Featured Images Shared Across Social Media”.  It has a downloadable pdf of image sizes for the Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

Once the desired graphic size is known, then use the following effective techniques to make powerful graphics for your social media needs.

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Power of Canva

Canva‘s power is both in what you add, and how you edit for visual appeal.  Although Canva has many features, these basic 5 editing techniques can create stunning social media graphics easily.

  • Add Backgrounds To Images

  • Apply Color Text On Backgrounds

  • Use Grids For Image Placement

  • Create Text To Highlight Your Message

  • Let Frames Enhance Focus

Add Backgrounds To Images

Adding color to your graphic versus a white background will make your graphic more visible in social media feeds.  Look at the two simple graphics below.  One has a white background and the other contains a color background. Just a grey piggybank with a few coins on a white background isn’t very exciting.  Add a colorful green background and the piggybank begins to stand out.

piggybank on white
white background in social media graphics
add color background to image
add color background to image -using color backgrounds in social media graphics


Apply Color Text On Backgrounds

While there are instances where a white background with black text is perfect,  on a colored background light text may look better.  Using the previous examples, see the difference the light text makes.

add text overlay to image
– add text overlay to image – black text on white background in social media graphics

 black text on white background in social media graphics

add text to colored background image
add text to colored background image – color text on dark graphic backgrounds

Use Grids For Image Placement

Canva provides grids to help place images within your design; grids are a nice technique to show how the final design looks.  Canva offers lots of grid layouts to chose from.  Simply drag and drop the grid, then place your images within the areas.  Canva will auto fit them into the grid area.  Resizing is not required.  Slide or drag the image within the grid to show the area desired.  Grids are also an quick easy way to make a image portfolio or image text combination.

canva grids for image alignment
canva grids for image alignment – use-canva-grids-for-image-placement-add-text-holders-for-your-message


Create Text To Highlight Your Message

Text placement and holders are another practical way to place text messages within your graphic.  Easily edit the text in the font style and size you want.

Let Frames Enhance Focus

Frames let you enhance and focus on your message to the reader.  In this example below the background color was set based on the blue grey grapes in the image.  The image was then placed within the frame. A text holder was placed below the frame with the message for the advertisement.   Frames are easy to add.  Type in frames in the Canva search bar and drag the frame into your design.  Add your image into the frame.



These simply easy but powerfully effective techniques to create amazing professional graphics for any social media channel in any size.

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