Convert Vector Files To PNG JPG With GIMP

Easily convert Adobe files with GIMP. Once you have either  I discussed in a previous article how to use free svg graphics to create attractive visual content by converting the graphic to either png or jpg.  Both png and jpg files are generally useable with any editor of choice.  Previously, I showed how easy it is to convert a vector file (svg) to a png file using Inkscape.  Now I want to show how to convert vector files to png jpg with GIMP. And I’m going to convert Adobe files since they are so popular.

There are a lot of free vector files in the Adobe Illustrator (AI) format,  Adobe Photoshop (PSD) format or even the generic EPS formt.  All of these are easy to convert with GIMP and take only a few seconds to switch over.  When i convert a vector file I prefer saving it to png.  Png files can be saved with a transparent background where as jpg will by default have a white background.  Since transparent backgrounds in png files make the graphic more flexible for use with other graphics  I’ll demonstate converting to png.

I’m using a Macbook so the easiest way to start converting a file is to right click it and use the “Open with” command.  I open the file with GIMP.

Let’s Do It

open adobe ai psd eps files with gimp to convert to png jpg

In this case I have a free ai vector file I’d like to convert to a png file.

When GIMP opens this file it will actually ask to import it;  it thinks its a PDF but that doesn’t matter.  I click on import to bring the file into GIMP.

The next step is easy unless I need to resize I’m just going to export it as a png.

GIMP will let me change the name before the final export screen.  Once I click thru both screens to export, wa-lla I’m done.  It was that simple.

Now I can use the png file in any graphic visual content I want to make.  Cool huh.

The point is not to convert cool looking rockets to png format; it’s about using the technique on an image you need to convert so you can create whatever graphic you want.

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