The Best Font For Websites Are Complementary Font Combinations

Find The Best Font For Websites

You want to build your blog with good looking fonts.  That’s actually more important than you might realize.  And many people underestimate the influence of their selection of fonts on their website performance.  Because hard to read fonts or fonts combinations that don’t work well together will turn off viewers and might just drive them away.  In this digital world where attention spans are short too begin with, picking a good complementary font combination can make a difference.  Hey, you want them to visit and hang around on your website longer so use the best font for websites that you can find.

Font Combinations Should Be Mobile Friendly

Those font combinations should be readable on a desktop as well as mobile devices.  I discovered that simply by testing font combinations on a test page for my website and then trying to read it on my iPhone and iPad.  Much to my dismay, I found that the first font combination I ever used on the first website I ever built sucked!  It looks ok on a monitor but stunk on a small display screen of my smartphone.  I strongly suggest you pick and test your font combination first because going back to redo font combinations in your graphics for your blog is a lot of re-work you don’t want.  Ahhh, maybe you didn’t think about those font combinations for your graphics but you should.  Your use of fonts is part of your brand; those font combinations help viewers recognize you from other websites and blogs.  This isn’t really anything new; its just common sense.

Font Matcher Or Font Pairing Guides Are Easy To Find

So if you’re looking for a font matcher or font pairing guide look no further because there’s 2 really good ways for finding the best font for your website or blog.

Method #1   Google

Google searches are an everyday research tool.  In this case,  Google image search can be used as a font finder or font search for complementary font combinations.  Open Google image search and type “complementary font”.  The result with be images actually showing the font pairings.  For each font combination or font pairing you like use the test step listed at the bottom.

Method #2   Use one of these 15 popular complementary font combinations.

This is even easier than the Google image search because these nice font combinations are tried and true.  All you have to do is decide which font combination to use on your blog or website.  Again, for any font pairing or font combination you are interested in use the test step to confirm that you like the look of the font pair.

Font Combination #1

Font Combination #2

 lora-roboto-font-match   signika-montserrat-font-combination

Font Combination #3

Font Combination #4

 unbunto-bold-cooper-hewitt-font-pairing  april-fatface-glacial-indifference-font-pairing

Font Combination #5

Font Combination #6

 playfair-display-rosario-font-combination   pinyon-script-josefin-sans-font-combination

Font Combination #7

Font Combination #8

 league-sapartan-sanchez-font-combination   montserrat-amaranth-font-pairing

Font Combination #9

Font Combination #10

 league-gothic-aleo-font-combination   archivo-black-archivo-narrow-font-combination

Font Combination #11

Font Combination #12

 hammersmith-one-playfair-display-font-combination  anton-opensans-light-font-combination

Font Combination #13

Font Combination #14

 open-sans-extra-bold-cooper-hewitt-font-pairng   lora-montserrat-font-combination

Font Combination #15


Test Font Combinations On Screen Or Mobile

The next step is to create a private test page on your website and type in some text or you can use lorem ipsum text***.  Make the heading one font type and the text the other.  View it on your monitor and on your smartphone.  If you like how it looks, then you’ve just determined the complementary font combination to use.

***Note: If you don’t know what lorem ipsum text is, it is just placeholder text you can use during tests on your blog or website.  Use it as a placeholder for text in widgets, headlines, or whenever you’re testing the look of a layout or in this case the font combinations you want to use.  To get lorem ipsum text just use a lorem ipsum generator.  You can Google for one or use the provided below.

Lorem Ipsum:     Generator1 Generator2

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