Photo Editors For Mac

As a Mac user, I find a lot of Windows articles on how to edit images, fix photos, remove backgrounds etc. While many programs are OS neutral, it’s always good to find programs that cater and support the software that goes onto your Mac. I use a number of photo editors for Mac both online and downloadable that I like.

How To Remove Backgrounds Using GIMP

Wondering how to remove a background? GIMP is a free background remover with multiple ways for GIMP to erase backgrounds. Removing the background from an image with GIMP is very straightforward. While removing backgrounds from images with GIMP depends on image complexity, there are 5 basic ways that GIMP makes backgrounds transparent. GIMP erases backgrounds with four tools or using layer masks.

Let’s look closer at how GIMP removes backgrounds.

Editing Free Vector Graphics For Your Digital And Print Needs

Vector graphics are essential for web and print. They can be used as an icon for services widget, an illustration for a sales page funnel, a graphic for a sidebar, footer or header. Free vector graphics can be used on landing pages, pop-up subscription forms and templates. They are handy and many available are just as free as the royalty-free stock images most folks search for. (If you need free vector graphics, keep reading…)


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